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RE: First Chaos Legion Legendary Summoner Airdrop Revealed!

Hm. I do not know if this one is worth 6 mana.
+1 Armor and the void armor ability together make a Lorna with piercing weakness (i.e. everyone gets a free hit) and the sad fact that if the monster has more than one armor a bigger hit will take down more of that than when hit with Lorna as summoner.
The amplify ability is already contributed by some monster so I'm not sure if that is worth 3 more mana.
The void armor in general make the combination of taunt and resurrect ability interesting, since resurrect brings back a monster only with 1 health but full armor. magic was so far a weakness of resurrect hence I mostly used it in the weak magic ruleset which basically is a void armor ability for everyone.


This is certainly worth six mana for games with Shieldbearer. Previously, it was vulnerable to magic with Resurrect having no real effect since it came back with 1 hit point. Now it also comes back with 6 points of magic-resistant armor. Shield bearer is now much, much, much harder to get through since repair now effectively adds to hit points as far as magic is concerned.

Yes, that is a good point for sure. I'm looking forward to trying out that combination, gives a nice chance against magic heavy opponents without relying on magic reflect or void.