Tutorial: Herons Unlimited setup for card owners

So you're the owner of a bunch of Splinterlands cards which for whatever reason you'd rather have someone else play than doing it yourself. First, congratulations! You're the owner of one of crypto's best-performing assets over the last year. But, like any asset, it does a lot better when it's in use than when it's just sitting in your collection. Enter Herons Unlimited, a system designed to allow you to stake other players for Splinterlands play, and split the profits between you.

Once an account is set up, Herons Unlimited automatically handles everything. Players play, owners don't have to do anything, and both get DEC automatically into their Steem-Engine accounts. See Herons Unlimited Basics for more details on how it works. However, setting up an account does take a little bit of work, and I'm going to walk you through that here.

Step 1: Figure out what you want to delegate

In order to make the system work and earn at a reasonable level, we require that an account be functional for continuously doing daily quests. This means that it needs at least four of the five elemental splinters to be playable at the level that you want the account to earn at. So if it's a Gold-league deck, you'll need level 5 or 6 rare summoners, or level 4 or 5 epic summoners, or level 3 legendary summoners, in at least four elements, and monsters to go with them.

It's ok to mix and match, and to leave some cards out, as long as the teams can still play and win. (As I write this, I think there's one legendary summoner in the whole system.)

Step 2: Get an account to delegate to

Come to the Otterworks Discord and DM me (tcpolymath#2171). You can also do that from any other Discord, like Splinterlands. Tell me that you'd like an account to delegate to, and if you're going to leave out one of the elements, please mention that as well. I'll give you the name of an account named after a heron or other waterfowl, so that you can delegate your team to it.

Step 3: Delegate cards

You can do this on Splinterlands itself if you want, but it's much easier and faster to do it with Peakmonsters. Once you're logged in there, just select cards that you want to delegate in your collection, up to 25 at a time, and then go to the selection menu in the upper right and choose "Delegate" from the rightmost drop-down menu which will say either "Rent" or "Setup Renting." Type in the name of the Heron account I gave you and hit confirm.


Step 4: Choose a percentage

And you've delegated all the cards, come back into the Discord conversation with me and tell me that you're done and how you want earnings to be split between you and the player. Our most common splits are 50/50, with some 60/40 each way, but you have freedom to choose something else if you want. You can also choose different splits for DEC and for tournament winnings if you want.

You can also add additional terms if you would like. For instance, one of our owners likes to specify a minimum level to reach by the end of the season.

Step 5: Find a player

We have some owners who are very involved with picking players for their decks, and others who would like to simply have the deck being played and not have to worry about it. Either way is fine with me. You can peruse the hu-player-applications room in our Discord to see if you want to choose someone from there, or find a player elsewhere and tell me you want them to play the deck. You can post in the hu-open-accounts room to get someone to DM you to make a deal. Or you can just tell me to find someone for you, in which case you've done everything you have to do.

Once there's a player, I'll give them the posting key to the Heron account, they'll play the game, and DEC will start periodically rolling into your Steem-Engine account.


As a customer of this service I'm delighted with how simple and lucrative this has been to date.
Highly recommend.

As a player or lender?

Lender. My player seems pretty happy too, fwiw :)

Are the contracts set up on a per-season basis? Like, can I just delegate for a week at a time or is there a minimum of one season needed?