I believe many splinterland players were excluded from the hive airdrop because they had voted for two or more Tron witnesses. This is especially true for Korean players, which for whatever reason tended to back the Tron takeover of Steem and make up a large portion of elite players.

But as they say, if you have a problem with the migration to hive, I'll see you on the battlefield and we can work out our differences there.

Good philosophy! See you on the battlefield instead of in a hateful comment section!

I feel partially bad for the folks who aren't included in it but if you make a choice, stick with it. The game and environment will move on with or without those players. There is a strong backing in plenty of other countries around the world that didn't make the same choices.

There nothing particularly injurious to those excluded from the airdrop about Splinterlands moving to Hive. Since Splinterlands is delegating Hive Power to cover gameplay bandwidth, the migration is not forcing users to support the Hive network in a major way.

Yup, absolutely. You don't have to do a single thing on the Hive social media environment if you don't want to, and many won't. Don't get mad at the Splinterlands team for choosing superior connectivity and power versus mediocre at best. I've experienced perhaps 50 battles where the Steem chain had poor performance and it rejected my battle and made me lose simply because the Steem blockchain has poor performance. As a platform owner/developer, I would be pissed and immediately explore other options. They knew they didn't have to look far at all because when the current Hive witnesses were running Steem, there wasn't any performance issues at all besides the ones around HF21.

Sounds like it will make it easier for some of us to reach the very tip top part of the game then.

And maybe if there is some dumping, buying cards at a cheaper price.

It's not based on anything. They say a lot of ridiculous things over there about Hive like that it's "the most centralized ever" and that it's an "ethnically cleansed" Steem. There's a lot of people that don't know what they're talking about.

Well I for one love the Hive blockchain, that's a kind of a strong feeling innit? 😎

Me too, it's my favourite blockchain to post to so far! There are a couple of things I like about Publish0x but Hive has more of a community vibe to is which really resonates with me. Thanks for the upvote and comment!

They basically hate Hive blockchain. Already a few mentioned that they would quit splinterlands if the game moves to Hive. That should be the feeling.