Card wise? The crash of market is perfect!

in #splinterlands10 months ago (edited)


Hey everyone. So as everyone here know. The whole of the cryptomarket is suffering from a major bear movement. And with its descent, dear old Splinterlands is riding it off as well. We have seen all time highs and alas we're now seeing all time lows.

Benefits are all here though fear not.

I have only just played last August of 2021 like most people. And yes Im not a well seasoned player but what I have seen before are way high prices of cards. Those who were selling and those who rent their cards.

I've seen Oshannus being sold for 40$ and now at 7$. Renting a Yodin before were 100dec a day and now on the 30-40dec mark. My friends this is a good good time for newbies like myself to explore the game strategy wise. Most newbies here are also leaderboard chasers now with the rent to earn system! Now like I said I am not a big investor on the game like many others but with the recent crash of the market I am a happy guy sitting comfortably on the Silver 3 league with my naturally accumulated CP (Collection Power) all because of the cheaper priced cards.

So my friends, it is sad I know that we are looking at ATL and a daily drop on proces but Splinterlands have never been this fresh of a market to aquire and build up on assets. This crash on the market will not be forever my friends. Good times will come again.


I bought a Djinn Oshannus like two months ago at $35, now is $7😫😫😫😫. Everyone should approach this chance to add good cards.

Dude tell me about it. I had 4 of it rewarded to me by chest. Here I was thought I had a goldmine. Look at us now 🤣🤣🤣

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