Doctor by day, Splinterlands player by night

in #splinterlands10 months ago
Authored by @DrRob

Hi everyone and hoping all is well!

This would be my first blog. Well firstly I am Rob! Im a Dentist by profession and ever since I can remember I loved playing games from Mortal Kombat on Sega to Reident Evil on Playstation to Pokemon on Gameboy to my ever beloved Skyrim on all the consoles it was ever brought up on.

But then came Splinterlands! Since last year I heard games on the crypro space but had a hard time figuring things out due to my lack of knowledge on transffering fiat currency to crypto and all that technicalities. Then August 2021 happened and I saw this game on playstore; Splinterlands! I've watched introductory videos on this wonderful game on Youtube many times so I was so happy seeing it on the android platform AND even got more excited knowing I can purchase the spellbook thru playstore! I consider myself lucky with this because Splinterlands disabled this feature on the mobile app.

Anyway thats mainly the start of my journey in Splinterlands and hopefully I can post more on my journey here. If you read this till the end I thank you so so much and hope to hear or message from anyone of you soon!