Battle of the Day - Win with an unusual suspect

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Hey all,


Had to share this one - I just levelled a card up yesterday that i actually never use, but as a step in maxing my CL deck out and having enough cards to do so I got him to lvl 3.... Void Dragon - This was one of the first Legendary cards I ever got in packs, and I have had it from the start without using it.
But comparing it from lvl 1 to lvl 3 - That Phase just makes all the difference.

image.png --- image.png

I had a match with 99 Mana and Rage and Close range, i did anticipate the opponent to go with magic so I decided to take the Void Dragon out for a test drive.


Well he was dishing out some real Magic damage that was for sure - But the Void Dragon took it like a champ - I counted 17 missed attacks from the opponent on the Void Dragon alone - 17 misses that is REALLY much and this card carried me through the entire battle while my backline picked my opponent off, one by one.

In the end River Hellondale resurrected the Dragon for the finale so I ended up not losing a single card in this match.

See the full battle HERE

See the battle video on 3Speak:

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Great use of the Void Dragon. Made me instantly go level up mine and try it out.
As usual, though, I did lose the first battle including the new card, but being stubborn, I did it again and... in the end it really did what it does best, holding out - providing time for the killers to kill.