Getting back to Hive just in time before Chaos Legion starts

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Splinterlands' Chaos Legion Pre-Sale is starting in a few hours. And I was away for a long while but Splinterlands got me back.

Chaos Legion Pre-sale promotional image from Splinterlands

While I was still participating behind the scenes in a few Hive communities in Discord, I'm mostly out of the loop with what's happening in the blockchain. So it was a huge shock when Adamada suddenly asked about a Legendary Splinterlands card he knew I bought and told me it's now worth around $500. Sure the amount piqued my interest, but I was equally curious about what exactly happened with Splinterlands.


The Legendary card Adamada was asking about -- Life Splinter's ANGEL OF LIGHT. Its estimated value is close to $375, but a Level 2 card can go as high up as $750 (or even higher) in the in-game marketplace.

Back when it started in 2018, I knew Splinterlands would be successful. I played Hearthstone (among other card games) for a short while so I had an impression of the strong potential of a strategy card game like Splinterlands has. But it only exploded massively recently as the world has finally gotten into the hype of the marriage of NFT and gaming. And no, it's not a fad that would eventually die down. If anything, it's more akin to a natural evolution to the gaming world where players are finally given true ownership of their game and its assets. So it's bound to go up from here. In a few years, every game would have blockchain integration in some way. And with all this excitement, I'm just so happy for Splinterlands that it was THE game with NFTs even before NFT games were a thing.

I wasn't there for several Splinterlands milestones but I'm grateful that even if I lost all that time, Splinterlands didn't really leave me behind. The Alpha cards I preciously kept still feel incredibly epic when used in a match. In fact, the old cards feel much more epic now with how Splinterlands upped the value of Alpha and Gold cards by granting them more DEC rewards. Two of my prized cards are Death splinter's summoner, ZINTAR MORTALIS, and the monster card, HAUNTED SPIRIT. Both at Level 7, these are my cards with the highest sale value and also two of the most reliable cards. Since these are my core cards, I have no plans of selling them even though the sale values are quite tempting.



At some point in this post, or maybe after reading this post, a few of you may have headed over to and try searching for jazzhero's card collection. Sorry, but you'll find nothing there! I left Steemit a while back due to burnout. I started focusing more on work then and taken on more tasks than usual. All for my goal of saving enough money to start building a house. And all the stress from playing active roles in several communities led me to further grow weary and slowly distanced myself from the Steemit world. At that point, I still wanted to play Splinterlands from time to time. So to keep the pretense that "jazzhero" is going inactive, I transferred all my Splinterland cards on a secondary account so I could still keep playing them while remaining hidden.

It's a bit of a bummer that I missed out on some Splinterlands fun, but I'm glad I made it back in time before Chaos Legion starts! I bought a few more SPS to stake so I could get at least some of those pre-sale packs. I will only get around 16 vouchers for the pre-sale according to this voucher calculation tool. But I'll happily take that. Playing Splinterlands again for a few weeks has rekindled my love for strategy card games. And I'm genuinely enjoying my matches in Splinterlands, kinda like how I enjoyed card games like Hearthstone, Pokemon TCG, and lots more. So I'll be sticking around for good this time.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Chaos Legion brings into the game. We still got a month or so of waiting so until then let's rack up those voucher tokens and get a hold of these pre-sale packs.


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