Splinterlands featured on Kitco.com

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You'll have to forgive me for posting essentially a link to an interview and article with the creator of Splinterlands, but i thought it might be of interest to some people here. Kitco.com is a pretty big news site for precious metals and traditional market players.



All this kind of thing is effective marketing in the background for Hive and its exactly the kind of exposure we want. Especially tags like 'people are becoming millionaires playing this game'. People are going to get sucked in to that like you wont believe, sometimes (always) it just takes longer than you think for people to wake up to such amazing things that you already have worked out for yourself and can't understand why the world isn't taking it by storm.

This is yet more evidence that they will, eventually.

Pretty cool though right, the biggest play to earn game so far on the blockchain is built on Hive. Totally amazing and i hope Hive becomes in future one the go to places of the internet for play/blog to earn. Having somewhere for gamers and crypto enthusiasts in general to engage and share content is invaluable.


This is good way to bring this decentralized platform into limelight. The more millionaire comes out talk publicly, the more good it is for the platform.....and these games simply makes life easier to sustain on the ecosystem.👍

Good to see that splinterlands game is getting more attention and it will bring more people on the platform. I am sure that splinterlands will grow significant in next few years. Thanks for sharing the update

He definitely hit the nail on the head with the buy in aspect and lack of fees. Hive is definitely the perfect chain for gaming. Fast, cheap and reliable I think we'll see a lot more developments occuring on Hive in the future especially when it comes to games.

Hive is a sleeping giant and it's growing!

Its one of, if not the best chain out there, period. What happened with Steemit is also both fascinating and legendary. Nothing comes close.

Yup and in the end, Steemit died out and now is dwindling away to nothing.

Wow. This is a good news. A very good recommendation for the gamers just like me too. @jphamer1

Its great to see Splinterlands and HIVE expanding. With each interview regardless of the audience watching information is spreading of this awesome Blockchain and all it has to offer.

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It doesn't run on my tablet, I want to try it.

Happy new month 🎉🎈🎉 to you @jphamer1 GOD BLESS YOU MORE.

Definitely a great interview, if you look back at the comments, its sad to see the reaction of investors, they just dont understand that even before crypto, game assets and characters were worth real money for a long time.