I Had To Fight My Way Back To The Champion II League - Splinterlands Battlefield

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Daily quest.jpg

I had it smooth yesterday doing battle with that special type daily quest where you’re to win three battles with any splinter without using neutral monsters. I find it odd that I got it twice in a roll and to make matter worst today’s battles were a pain in the behind as I got knocked off the Champion II league while trying to complete my daily quest so I had to fight my way back after completing my daily quest by using any splinter and monsters that best gave me the type of victory I needed.


Rewards day 325

I think I got it good today in the reward side of things because I got a Gold card, though it isn’t worth so much but at least it is something to be happy about. I still got the regular cards, some DECs and all of them potions.

You can watch one of my battles by clicking the link below, thanks:

battle of the day.jpg


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