Finally Bringing My Non-Crypto Friends To Splinterlands!

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Hey everybody, I'm back from my vacation and looking to getting back to making an article (almost) every day. Let's see how that goes, but for now, I have a lot that I want to talk about. For today, I want to talk about a topic that I actually started doing just recently while on vacation - bringing my non-crypto friends to Splinterlands. Now bringing people into the game is nothing new, I've been promoting the game both with my articles and to friends that are actually crypto-savvy. That's why my Affiliate Program site looks like this:


So that's a little over 300 people that signed up through me for Splinterlands over the years. The key difference is, that these people very actually interested in the game and/or the crypto side of things. While some of my non-crypto friends were actually interested in where all that magic internet money was coming from, they never cared to get involved with it - and I also advised them against doing it ever since early 2022. While I myself was still bullish at that time and thought we could turn things around again, I was well aware that this might not happen. Loosing 90% or more of your portfolio is not exactly fun and nerve-racking even for seasoned crypto enthusiasts. For people that live in the legacy world, though, it's something they just wouldn't be able to stand and frankly, I didn't want to be the one that told my friends to spend money on something that they consider to be worthless just a few months later.

This outlook now has changed enough for me to start to reevaluate how I look at the ecosystem and, as indicated above, to finally start to onboard my non-crypto friends to the ecosystem. To be clear here, those guys are not coming to the game to actually play it. They are 40 years old on average and none of them cares to play a silly game with shiny monsters hitting each other. What they do care for, though, is money - and I feel like it's a great time for them to learn what crypto can do for them on that regard.

So why did I change my mind just now? Well, simply put, because I believe that the bottom is in for Splinterlands and because I believe we will be seeing more ups than downs for at least the next 12-24 months. Overall sentiment in crypto has started to change and while this is not the next major bull yet (in my opinion), I don't expect things to go below the all time low again (for now).


That's not to say that I believe that success for Splinterlands and SPS is guaranteed or anything. There's never a guarantee for anything, even less so in crypto. But it's a lot easier to explain to my non-crypto friends what's going on now because they know that scenario from their legacy stock world. There's a token with a low market cap that lost a lot of its value over the last 2 years. But there's still substance there and there's a real chance that it's going to recover - so why not throw some monopoly money on it and see what happens?

The fun thing is, I told them that I'm quite confident in the token making a comeback in the next 12-18 months, stating that I believe there to be a 50:50 chance that it will either recover or go to zero. If it does recover, I told them that I believe it to increase by about 300% to 400% over that time frame. Fun enough, everybody I talked to about it really liked these odds and decided to buy in.

Now the truth is, I think our changes to recover are better than 50% and I even more so believe that our potential is way way higher than that. Depending on how the burns go and what the overall crypto market does, I don't think that getting back to $1 or even to a new ATH isn't all that outlandish. But truth be told, none of them would buy into the ecosystem if I told them those numbers. Why? Because they sound unbelievably crazy to anybody that's only used to the legacy world and hasn't dabbled with crypto yet.


That's exactly why I'm so excited to start onboarding friends and family right now. It gives me that unique chance to show them what crypto can do for them and at the same time help an ecosystem that already did a lot for me and that I care for and want to see flourish again. So far, 4 of my friends have each invested €1000 into SPS:


They have no idea of what their keys are or even how the money got into the ecosystem and how they are supposed to get it out eventually. I created the accounts for them, facilitated the transactions and sent them their SPS each. Obviously, these guys are here to make money, they don't care for Splinterlands or the ecosystem at all. But still, this is a net positive for our little game in my opinion.

First of all, they are all German. So if they want to sell their SPS and not pay a crazy 42% in tax on their gains, they will have to hold it for a full year first (because after that it's tax free). For that reason alone, none of them is going to sell it any earlier. But even if they wanted to, they'd always have to go through me so I can always at least talk to them first and try to explain that it's probably not the best time to sell just now. Also, fiat money was used to buy all of these SPS and that's exactly what we need - fresh money coming to our ecosystem from the outside.

So for the moment, between these 4 friends of mine, that's about 210,000 SPS gone from the market for good. Yes they will sell eventually, but that will be in a time and it will hurt us a lot less. For now, we just want as much SPS as possible either burned or at least stored in wallets that are not going to sell it any time soon - and that's exactly what's happening here.

I have some more friends on my list to talk to about the current opportunity and I'm confident that at least 1 or 2 more are going to give this whole thing a shot.

Now I know not everybody is living in a rather rich country with a lot of friends working in IT that don't even blink to invest €1000 on a random recommendation a friend gave them. But still, why not take a look around in your bubble? Are there people that might want to give magic internet money a shot? Is there somebody looking to just invest a few hundred dollars in something with a major growth potential? The more of us that start onboarding their friends and family to the ecosystem now, the better it is for all of us! And looking at the markets, there's actually not that much liquid SPS available - with any real demand coming in, there's no way we are staying at sub $0.02 for that much longer...

And that's all from me for today - thank you all for reading and see you next time!


So it's 42% and then 0% after a year? That's a hell of a drop off!

Hope they're still yr friends in 2025!

Ha, I'm quite confident on that part - I'm a loyal guy so not changing on my end and I've made it very clear to them that the money could be just gone if things go south. Wouldn't bring anybody in that would hold it against me if they lost their money.

The tax part is pretty sweet indeed. Cryptocurrency is considered as "things" in German tax law - and you are free to sell things you owned for a year taxfree as long as they weren't used for income generation. Thus the SPS will just sit in their wallet and do nothing.

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