Rewards Cards Stats: Small Update and Question to Users

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Card stats / filters for Splinterlands

Just a small one here. API URLs change and a tool tip.

I hadn't wanted to add another column to see the amount of Normal vs Gold 🔥, so I have added a tool tip:

Question to Users
Do you think a daily post, acting as a snapshot of each days card numbers would be useful? I have thought about it before but I'm not sure how many would find something like that useful. It may be possible to read back off the block chain and recreate a filterable list based of the snapshot post, but that would be a while down the track if it was implemented.

Feel free to add any other comments 👍

GitHub commit

GitHub Repo

Enjoy the rest of your day :)


That API change was just announced today. You're fast! :)

Once a week at least would be good for snapshot of card numbers.

Good work. Keep rockin the coding!


Thanks for all your work! I love your site! ~@clove71

I would be interested seeing the amount of burning that is happening on Splinterlands every day. Some weekly stats maybe.