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Hello Splinters, I'm Lagnarok, and welcome to my Weekly Social Media Battle Challenge. Four Auspicious Beasts have been protecting their corner since long ago and nearly never left their spot: Dragon of the East, White Tiger of the West, Tortoise of the North, and Vermilion Bird of the South. But On this particular occasion, 2 Auspicious Beasts entered and participated in the Faction Wars and tried to bring honour to their Faction by winning the battle. What makes the Battle so Epic is a direct Witness who participates during the fight between 2 Auspicious Beasts till almost the end of the War.

Venator Kinjo's Lore

Few have heard about the secret mission of the pious order, The Bloody Envoy. These devout monks spend their young lives living within the Hidden Cloister, a monastery that is said to be somewhere within Abbots Marsh on Praetoria and beholden to no other. Taken at an early age, these children are the unfortunate offspring of women that have been used for entertainment by vampires at their lavish parties. After being brought into their new family, the children study and pray, learning to live with the dhampir affliction that has taken their bodies. They are taught that drinking a human's blood is the ultimate sin, and they sustain themselves upon the livestock they keep. They are drilled daily in unarmed combat, though violence is always a last resort. Instead, they are taught many different skills to hide from or avoid the attack, often using these skills to augment those around them who will do the damage in their stead. When they come of age, they often stalk vampires and follow them to their homes, where the Bloody Envoy will organize the foul creature’s demise. Read More.

The Battle happened in the Wild Gold League, in a ranked match, and the battle details are "Fire & Regret" and "Noxious Fumus" with 24 mana caps this time. And I decided to choose Dragon and Life Faction.

Weekly Social Media Challenge


My Social Media Challenge Link:

Ruleset Image

Battle Preparation & Strategy

Camelia SungazerLv 3-1 Melee
Agor LongtailLv 3Taunt, Flying, Void Armor, Heal
Venari MarksratLv 4Martyr
Venator KinjoLv 3Reflection Shield, Camouflage, Immunity, Slow
Silvershield BardLv 3Cleanse
Soul FiendLv 2Cannon Fodder
Furious ChickenLv 3Cannon Fodder

Noxious Fumes ruleset is unsuitable for me, but I know how to cope with this situation. I decided to use Agor Longtail since it can heal itself, while Venator Kinjo is immune to the poison, and the main focus is how to relieve Agor Longtail from being poisoned. I add Silvershield Bard into the Lineup since she has Cleanse ability.

Did my Strategy Work?

Fortunately, the strategy worked fine even though the monster weren't the same, but my opponent and I had the same thought about this battle. But in the end, I won by a tiny margin.

Read More
Thank You & Credits

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I hope you can enjoy this article and give you more ideas to set up your lineup.

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my Reff:

  • @peakd for providing us and Splinterlands community with a great platform.
  • @splinterlands for cool P2E battle cards and images.

Disclaimer: This Article's purpose is not to mock or discredit anybody or any individual, but this article was created only for study case and entertainment purposes.

Best Regard.
Thank You So Much !!!


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