Battle of the week with Scavenger ability by Harold

In this opportunity we will not talk about a specific card but about a skill of the same, the SCAVENGER is a skill that I use a lot when in the battle comes out the rule of no healing or Equalizer, then I will explain what strategy it is for the battle following the rules of the same.

To start talking about the battle I chose for the post I first have to talk about the battle rules.

The rules of the battle were as follows:

1.- Earthquake
2.- Reverse Speed
3.- Mana 15


The following were active for this battle: Life, Death and Dragon

For this battle the Dragon element summoner DARIA DRAGONSCALE was selected.

In the first position as a tank, the Furious Chicken was placed because of the Reverse Speed rule.

In second place, DARK HA'ON was placed on the card with the challenge skill of the week for having the Scavenger ability.

Last place was given to CURSED SLIMEBALL for having the Redemption ability and thus being able to take 1 life from the enemy if he attacks with blast.

Thanks to this strategy and the rules of the battle, victory is achieved.

Here I show you the selected team and the image of the victory.



Thanks to the abilities of DARK HA'ON, the victory was achieved due to the fact that every time a card was eliminated, whether it was a teammate or an opponent's card, it increased 1 of life and that helped him to finish the battle with a one hit advantage.

Here is the link to the battle along with the referral link in case you want to watch it or join this beautiful world called Splinterlands.


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Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

dark haon is really a scary monster to me and I even forget sometimes that it also has scavenger ability. nice post. Keep playing splinterlands and post awesome contents.