Lucks-rental-run: Daily Update 7 - Sept. 23, 2022


What is the Purpose

  • To slowly grow the value of an account by using resources gained through renting cards out.
  • This will be done using the Splex.GG Rent Service. The Service can be found here:
What is Prohibited
  • Monetary investment aside from the initial Spellbook cost
  • Transferring assets into this account
  • Engaging in battles/guild activity
  • Community giveaways
What is Allowed
  • Use of the 3000 credits that came with purchasing the spellbook.
  • Rewards from blog posts
    -- Posts will payout in 100% HP to assist in making these posts
  • Use of DEC generated from renting cards out
    -- This will be done by using the Splex Rent Service
    --Recommendations from Splex as to which cards to purchase will likely be taken.
  • Delegations of HP
    -- HP is needed to make these posts regularly and to rent cards out. Aside from that, it doesn't affect the value of the account.


**Todays Update - Day **

Bit late, but that's ok in this case. There hasn't been any overlap in card rentals across different days.

It seems as though the market as stabilized, or that the cards I selected have gained less value. It's unfortunate, but it is what it is. I'll likely get some more cards soon rather than waiting to get to 100 DEC. This will allow me to accelerate my growth if card rental prices have decreased.

I gained 700% more DEC than I did yesterday. If only the numbers were a bit bigger, that percentage increase would be so much more impressive.

DEC Tracking

Total DEC Gained All TimeTotal DEC Spent on CardsCurrent Total DEC


DateDEC Gained% change
All time65.14N/A

Card Statistics

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