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RE: Contest WINNERS Post -- "Rocking Out the Loot on Splinterlands"

in #splinterlands9 months ago

Soooo cool!
Hi, Quill. Thank you very much for the opportunity and the selection.
Congratulations to all other participants. They all did great.
It was fun participating.


@manajune, everyone (myself included) loved your rendition.

Honestly, I think all three of you deserved 1st Place.

BTW, how are you with Elvis songs?


Thank you. That's great! 😁

Haha, well. I've only heard 2 songs by him. Wich are: "Jailhouse Rock" and, "Can't help falling in love with you".
The second one is lovely. 😊

Well, here's a few more to bring you up to speed.