Calling All Splinterlands Hive Bloggers 25,000 DEC Post Contest!



Post Some Splinterlands Content

  1. Go to the Discord

  2. Go to Channel #hiveblog

  3. Put your post in (paste it)

Not only will I upvote it but others will see them too

All submissions must be in by April 4th 11:00am CST

Feel free to put your splinterlands posts in the comments for more visibility BUT they are not counted for the contest
unless they are put in the discord channel

25,000 DEC is to be split into three places
1st 10,000 DEC
2nd 9,000 DEC
3rd 6,000 DEC

Judges are myself and @tanzofett

Me Waiting for Submissions


P.S. Are you not getting the biggest discount on splinterlands cards simply by using



Hi @marcuswahl and thanks for the invite, I did not know the discord channel "blockchaingaming"
I put my post in the Hiveblog channel:

I believe this post counts? -

Is the site no longer running for SPT?

yes that works blockchain gaming

I'll put this post in the discord for ya just in case

and I know you're in the discord thanks for participating

Hi @jrollerquray and @bragurr I'll make sure these get in, but I'm looking to get everyone to paste them in one place at the discord :)

I did post them in the discord :)

excellent thanks

Good morning, here I share my post I hope you give them lots of love hehehehehehehe