How to check if you bought Riftwatcher packs in time for the presale

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Hello everyone I know a bunch of people are upset that the presale lasted less than 2 minutes.

If you start go to
put your hive wallet name in the search bar hit enter.
after it brings up your account go to ctrl F and search for "rift"

This shows the block in the top right.

You're looking for a block before 67936464



I'm not sure, I know I made it because after I purchased only 100 K had been sold.

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I can't check mine after i ctrl f search for rift nothing happens?

I was super late, oh well, to the marketplace I will go!

Ya sorry bud. It sold out much faster then I thought it would have.

I bought 2 times but it appear 3 on the block, can you help me check it?