Splinterlands - "Kron the Undying" VS "Flame Monkey"

Este es mi primer post, espero poder ir haciendo todas las semanas una ilustración o animación para participar en el concurso semanal de arte de Splinterlands. Hace poco comencé a jugar y me encanta! En este caso se me ocurrió enfrentar (con un poco de humor) a "Kron the Undying" con "Flame Monkey" en una pelea despareja. Aunque luego pensé que tal vez hay algún escenario en donde "Flame Monkey" de el último golpe y gane esa pelea. ¿Será posible?This is my first post, I hope to be able to do an illustration or animation every week to participate in the weekly Splinterlands art contest. I recently started playing Splinterlands and I love1. it! In this case it occurred to me to face (with a bit of humor) "Kron the Undying" with "Flame Monkey" in an uneven fight. Although then I thought that maybe there is some scenario where "Flame Monkey" hits the last hit and wins that fight. Will it be possible?


El proceso fue el siguiente: | The process was as follows:

  • 1- Primero busqué las imágenes de los personajes originales en Splintercards.com | I first searched for the images of the original characters in Splintercards.com


  • 2- Primer boceto. Bocetando la idea y posicionando los personajes. | First sketch. Sketching the idea and positioning the characters.


  • 3- Trazado y limpieza. | Tracing and cleaning up.


  • 4- Algunas correcciones: | Some corrections:


  • 5- Color base. | Base Color.


  • 6- Agregando el fondo. | Adding the background.


  • 7- Luces y sombras. | Lights and shadows.


  • 8- Agregando detalles. | Adding details.


  • 9- Ilustración final. | Final illustration.


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You can register and learn about this exciting game: Splinterlands.


This is brilliant!


Hello @memiliano! This is @indayclara from @ocd (Original Content Decentralized) team. We saw that you already posted your first post here in Hive! Congratulations and welcome!

Great to hear you are enjoying Splinterlands. Its best you subscribe to Splinterlands Community and share your blogs there.

It would be awesome as well if you do an introduction post. Information like who are you and where you're from, how did you discover Hive or who invited you, what types of content you want to see here and the types that you want produce, and what are your expectations in this platform. There's no pressure on this. You can choose on whatever information you would like to share. As a sample of what an intro post is, you can refer to this intro posts for reference Keeping Up With the Buzz - My Introduction to the Hive Community

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Great, thanks! In the next few days I'll try to do an introductory post about myself.
There are some things about Hive that I'm not entirely clear yet, those posts are very helpful, thanks!

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