Splinterlands - Mylor Crowling (tangled)

Para participar en el concurso de arte de esta semana #156 se me ocurrió hacer algo con la enredadera de Mylor Crowling, enredándose con ella.

To participate in this week's art contest # 156 I came up with doing something with Mylor Crowling's creeper, getting tangled up with it.


  1. Primero busqué la imágen del personaje original en Splintercards.com | I first searched for the image of the original character in Splintercards.com


  1. Primer boceto. Bocetando la idea y posicionando al personaje. | First sketch. Sketching the idea and positioning the character.


  1. Trazado y limpieza. | Tracing and cleaning up.


  1. Color base. | Base Color.


  1. Agregando el fondo y luces y sombras.. | Adding the background and lights and shadows.



  1. Agregando detalles e ilustración final. | Adding details and Final illustration.



Great drawing! and funny too.

Thank you very much!!

This is so cool ! :) Hope this get to the top 10 in this week's art contest

Wow, thank you very much! Yes, I would love that, it would be great! Thanks!

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