I Can't Join Pre-Sale in Splinterlands Without Vouchers

I did not read all about it earlier but I need vouchers to be able to buy in the Pre-sale of the new edition of cards in Splinterlands. I do not have a lot of SPS staked, just the amount airdropped to me daily. I wonder if I can buy post presale without the vouchers or how it goes. We only have 3 hours before the pre-sale.

Is someone selling vouchers or how can I get it now?



You’ll be able to buy them on hive engine

Wow! Thanks, I'm gonna head there now.

As far as I know they will be dropped when packs go on sale. I'd expect to see them hit the secondary market then. My guess is between $5-50 for them.

The problem is that vouchers cost alot more than the packs themselves.
The last time I checked in hive engine it was going for 25 -30 bucks each.

This is indeed chaos with all these high prices, including the high prices of the cards. And these high prices will move further up, as long as there are people, who pay them.

sorry, dont have any vouchers for u but how bout a nice KUMUSTA from an old steemit friend?? :) nice to see u still posting on here. I just got on hive and it's cool!

Hey, glad to see you here. Welcome back!