Brand New Splinterlands Tournament!

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Brand New Splinterlands Tournament!

Ok, so the last 2 tournaments we tried didn't work out to well but we have a brand new one that will rock the house!

The Wild Warrior Tourney!

Tons more prizes and way more chances to win!


  • Bronze league
  • Up to 50 winners!
  • 1000 dec entry
  • 60 sps and 32,500 dec in prizes!
  • All cards playable
  • Anytime tournament with one full day to set up your teams.
  • Starts July 24th at 12pm pacific time.

Get in there and crush some skull!

As always this is sponsored by the dream team, myself and @sour-d419.

If you have some time, show some support for my other project: @the-singularity