Come Crush Some New Tournaments!

Seriously, what are you guys waiting for?

Let's get these tournaments going!

They happen again tomorrow!

Your odds of winning these two new tournaments are super good!

What are you? Furious Chickens?!

Are you really to chicken to enter tournaments you almost can't loose?

I see tons of entries into tournaments you literally have no chance of winning. I've seen over a hundred entries into tournaments where first place prize is literally less than 1/3 of your entry fee itself and people flock to it.

It's like the world has gone mad lol.

Our tournaments give you a 66% chance of winning your entry fee back.
They offer a 33% chance of getting a 50% profit above your entry fee.
A 27% chance of doubling your entry fee!

A 20% chance of getting 2.5 times your entry fee!

A 13.3% chance of getting 4 times your entry fee!!

Finally, a 6.67% chance of winning 5 times your entry fee!!!

These odds are truly in your favor!

Seriously guys...

I really can't make these odds any better for you.

If you even know how to play you're going to win something.

Ok, onto the tournaments!

The War on the Floor Tournament

The war on the floor tournament is, as you would guess it, is a novice league tournament.

Bring your low level cards and be ready to rumble!

  • Entry Fee: 500 DEC
  • Total Prizes: 10,000 DEC
  • Winners: 10
  • Minimum players 15
  • Minimum Award: 500 DEC
  • Starts on July 11th at 12 pm pacific time.
  • Anytime tournament with one full day to get your teams set up.

Simply placing in this tournament you will earn your entry fee back!

The odds of placing with the new changes are insanely good (see above).

A wonderful tournament for beginners or those just wanting to show off their low level cards.

We plan to raise the prize pool as interest in the tournament grows.

Our second tournament is:

The Bronze Bombardment

You guessed it! This one is Bronze League.

Do you have a team that rocks the house in bronze league?

Then get in there and crush some skulls!

  • Entry Fee: 750 DEC
  • Total Prizes: 15,000 DEC
  • Winners: 10
  • Minimum Players: 15
  • Minimum Award: 750 DEC
  • Starts on July 11th at 12 pm pacific time
  • Anytime tournament with one full day to get your teams set up.

Just placing in this tournament earns your DEC back!

With a good team the odds are really in your favor on this one!

10 lucky players are taking home some wonderful prizes!

We plan to raise the prize pool as interest in the tournament grows.

We plan on making more tournaments so if you have ideas or things you think would be fun, let us know in a comment.

Hosted by the dream team, @sour-d419 and myself.

Show some support for my other project: @the-singularity


This is gonna be a weekly classic. Dont miss your chance at this golden start to a classic. Real profit to be made.

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