Interesting fact: a shark will only attack you if you're wet! (A Diemonshark Splinterlands battle challenge /+ Gold card contest)

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What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a Play2Earn game, where you can play battle against other players to get a better rank or in tournaments. It is a NFT game based on Hive Blockchain, with multiple ways to capitalise and make money, real money, by playing it or trading in it. You can start earning as soon as you buy a Spellbook ($10) getting SPS tokens and NFT monster cards via daily quests and season quests (every 2 weeks). Sometimes you may even win 5 cards packs with your rewards. I need to prioritize maxing out the RW summoners and legendaries right now, waiting to buy more CL and RW packs for later.

You can buy still Chaos Legion packs with 4$, using just DEC, for a 45% discount right now (something like $2.10 per pack instead of $4). Even then, if you want to get the extra packs, you still need vouchers, but just for the bonus packs. You can buy Riftwatchers packs for $5 in SPS and 1 Vouchers. An awesome hint from a really good player (not me), if you open your packs after the Legendary summoners are introduced, you have a small chance to get them from the packs. It was announced that Lands NFT are coming in the 1st quarter of 2023 now, with the new Roadmap proposed by Splinterlands. Just check this awesome page about what are the Lands supposed to do. And 3 days ago, extra-bonus, they offered SPS daily rewards for the land owners ( if my math is right, rounding up, you are geting 1.4 SPS daily for 1 Land NFT)


The Diemonshark is a Rare Water splinter unit, and at max level will have 4 Melee Damage, 4 Speed, 6 Armor and 10 Health. At level 1 already has Trample skill, making it ideal for Stampede Ruleset. At level 4 gains Enrage, increasing stats when is damaged, and at level 7 gains Retaliate, a change to counter-attack after it has been attacked. Supported by 2-3 healers, it can really kick back an opponent melee team.


(To see the video, you can check the battle link.)

So, for the challenge, this were the starting conditions:

Mana Limit: 26

Rulesets: Spreading Fury (all have enrage) and Lost Magic (no magic users)


Mine - Summoner: Kelya Frendul, boosting with +1 Armor and +1 Speed, with Diemonshark as main tank, with Trample and Enrage, and a collection of Melee assasins: Sabre Shark with Sneak, Feasting Seaweed with Opportunity and Scavenger, Pelacor Bandit with Flying and Sneak, and Uraeus with Sneak and Poison, supported by an Flying Albatross as tank healer. The Uraeus was last, using his extra armor to defend the team.

Opponent - Summoner: General Sloan, boosting archers with +1 damage, with Chaos Knight as main tank reducing damage with Shield and doing Double damage against my Diemonshark with Giant Killer skill, backed up by a Chaos Agent, a cheap ranged Herbalist with Cleanse and Triage (anonying healer for the Arbalest), a Truthspeaker with no damage, boosting armor by +2, a Pelacor Arbalest, using Flying to dodge melee attacks and Double Strike to hit 3 ranged damage twice , and a Celestial Harpy last, with Opportunity and True Strike (no miss), defending the Arbalest.

Round 1 - The Celestial Harpy died first, and some other attacks were exchanged.
Round 2 - I missed the Arbalest with 2-3 attacks, and the Chaos Agent was eliminated.
Round 3 - My main tank, the Diemonshark, was destroyed, and few attacks missed the Arbalest again.
Round 4 - My Sabre Shark died. I finally managed to kill the Arbalest and the main danger was avoided.
Round 5 - I managed to kill his main tank, and I got the upper hand in the battle.
Round 6 - His Herbalist died.
Round 7 - His Truthspeaker died. I won.

Star of the game - The opponent Pelacor Arbalest, dodging at least 4-5 attacks during the game.

On the side note, my continuous support for is going well, with my SPT tokens number raising over 1.14 million. All of it is delegated to @monster-curator, as this account is doing a great work curating the best posts on the forum. On top of this, it was announced a new Genesis soccer game made by the Splinterlands team, with quite some interesting mechanisms. You can already buy packs on presale, and I got the FOMO, buying 100 packs, with 10 extra bonus and a licence on top of that. Hope it will worth the 500$!

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