I just beat a llama and Kron!

in #splinterlands2 years ago

its always sweet victory when you can beat a much stronger and more expensive deck.

this is one example of it, where my opponent had a Kron, and Llama, I thought I was gone for sure, because the Kron had last stand, which meant he had 18 health, and healed 6 health each time.

I was lucky I had a magic defense strategy where I used Torhilo the Frozen, and Bortus, and I just scraped through with the win


Mega Heal defeated

just look at that heal on the Kron, 6 health each round!

Almost impossible to defeat unless your whole army is left unscathed!


Hi notak,
I´m thinking to start Splinterland and wondering how should I start...how did you learn how to play?? Could you give us any recommendations and tips to learn how to play the game?? Thank you in advance!! 🙌🙌

I have a few accounts spare I can lend you, feel free to join my guild

Yay! 🤗
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I long for having an excellent card.
I also do my best! 😂