Untamed Pack Giveaway worth $50USD

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Massive giveaway - Untamed pack values $50USD

Would you like an unopened untamed pack? This could be you, if you win the prize.


How to win the prize

Whoever deposits, the most SPS into the CUB Finance Defi SPS/BNB pool from now and until 15th of October 0:00 UTC will win the prize.

You must comment below, how much SPS you deposited into the Kingdom.

You can deposit by going to https://cubdefi.com/kingdoms

Why deposit?


The yield on the Kingdom, is higher than Pancakeswap yields, with a fee of 10%, the yield is still higher after fees, about 4% more.

I am working on a website that compares yields and you can see on this, the CUB finance kingdom has superior yields.


How to deposit

I did a comparison guide earlier on thsi post, please visit for instructions how to post

Again, how to enter

just deposit SPS/BNB into the kingdom yield, post below how much you deposited, and the higher deposit wins. There is one catch, there must be no withdraws over the week as well, and I can check that on the blockchain.

Good luck, and happy investing, as always do your own research!


There weren't any takers on this promotion, so I will keep the untamed pack for now.. and might do another giveaway at some point in the future.

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Yay! 🤗
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Plese explain what SPT is..... is it worth to buy play to earn that 10$ in Sprinterlands for new user to join to earn"???

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I like it! And I can't wait for the notakian comparison site to launch! :-)

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Such a great idea to boost TVL and surf 🏄‍♀️ on the Splinterlands’ momentum.

You are good Mr. @notak

I just saw this, great idea to boost the TVL on Cubfinance and boost its ratings on all the DeFi project websites! Thanks for doing this, and I look forward to seeing your project yield website, that will be a great resource and will no doubt result in migration of dollars!

Good to know! Thanks for sharing