Fire Team / Social Media Challenge! 03/05/2023 Brawl Matche



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Participating Characters / Battle Limitations:

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Melee Monster

Pure Defense Monster

Melee monster

Sneak Monster

Sneak Monster

Range Monster

This is a 32mana match allocation. Although a few decks is able to be choose but Odd One Out limitation made this selection more limited. Firstly you must know what are the cards available to be use for the specific deck after the Odd One Out limitation. After all the consideration i decided to go with Fire Deck where i got more card choices. Needless to say Tarsa will be my favorited summoner for Fire Deck as mostly Fire Deck monsters are melee monsters and the additional buff of Tarsa greatly aids my melee lineup monsters. I always like to have a more balance team which is 3 defense monsters follow by 3 attack monsters. My first summon monster is Living Lava which i suppose will be a good candidate as the Shield ability makes it less vulnerable to melee attacks. Follow by Lord Arianthus although it is just a pure defense monster with no attack but its ability to defend against any attack is magnificent all thanks to its ability. My third defense monster is Kobold Bruiser nothing special about this monster however at only 3 mana to summon a 5 HP monster is a good barging. Follow on is my 3 attacking monster Tenyii Striker, Uraeus and Blood Monster. Most of their attack complement each other damage although there is some difference for Blood Maker attack as it is Opportunity and not Sneak attack. However as the match progress if the attacking monster are still alive sooner or later their attack damages will stack with each other.






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