Fire Team / Social Media Challenge! 10/05/2023



Link to the match

Participating Characters / Battle Limitations:

Screenshot 2023-05-10 124603.png


Living Lava Melee Monster

Lord Arianthus Pure Defense Monster

Ferox Defender Melee monster

Forgotten One Melee Monster

Tenyii Striker Sneak Monster

Uraeus Sneak Monster

This is a 41 mana match allocation, only Fire and Life deck is usable in another words this is a very straight forward match. The first important thing to consider is the Noxious Fumes limitation, regardless of how you strategies your monster will take damage at the end of every Round. As far as i know both Fire and Life Deck have Immunity ability, having this monster in your lineup can greatly increase your odds in winning. I reckon that FORGOTTEN ONE in the Fire Deck is more powerful compare to EVELYN AUVERA in the Life Deck however all boils down to your lineup / strategy. So i arrive at Tarsa for the Fire Deck. The buff of this summoner is amazing when you pair it with melee monsters team. Being sometime in Splinter lands this 2 usable deck will mostly be using melee / range monsters thus needless to say Shield ability will be something very useful in this specific match and my first monster is Living Lava. Following next is Lord Arianthus although without any attack and is at all speed of only 1 but the ability of this monsters make it up for these flaws. The next one is Ferox Defender special about this monster but i still choose this monster as its ability of adding armour points to all the friendly allies is a very great boost since opponent is using melee / range monsters that damage the armour first rather than the HP. Not forgetting the main character FORGOTTEN ONE, i choose to put it at the back of the Defense monster and not the first. This is another strategy i am using, for example if i choose to put this monster as the First monster although this monster does not take damage at the end of every round but the other monsters in my team are still taking damage, so i think that i might as well place it at the back in order to fully utilize this benefit. As long as your opponent are not using the same strategy as you your winning rate just based of defending only is pretty high. However you cannot just depend on this alone as you cant rule out the possibility that your opponent might have the strategy of using immunity monster also. Therefore last but not least i use the last 2 slots for 2 Sneak monster Tenyii Striker and Uraeus, this 2 monsters attack can complement each other as both of them are Sneak monster.






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