Purchasing Some Cheap Splinterland Cards

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Hello Splinterlands Maniacs, watching a recent video of @clove71 purchasing some Splinterland cards gave me the urge to do the same. You can view her topic and video by clicking here. Now that that the decision to purchase some cards has been made the only question is how.

Do I use Paypal and get ride of my useless fiat to purchase some booster packs / coins. Do I use the in game currency known as DEC. Do I use the HIVE token or possibly one of the other many options available on the official Splinterlands site.

My choice, None Of The Above. I know what you are thinking, " Rentmoney how are you going to purchase some cards". Be patient my friends, I'm going to tell you my secret. My choice was easy, I'll use my affiliate earnings. For those that don't know players can get *5% Rev Share from *purchases made by players who have signed up using their affiliate link.

To find your affiliate link go to the official Splinterlands site and click your profile name, under it you will see a link displayed called Affiliate Program. Click that link and then copy and paste the URL code displayed. Mine looks like this, https://steemmonsters.com?ref=rentmoney.

You can copy and paste that code where-ever you like (No Spamming) and if someone clicks it and then joins Splinterlands, you will get credit for their future purchases. I usually always leave my Splinterlands affiliate link within my Splinterland topics and I suggest you to do the same.

I only managed to purchase a handfull of cards before a knock on my door startled me and I had some guest to occupy (Darn humans). This meant my trip to the Splinterlands Market was short lived. I'll have to go back to the Market in the upcoming days to spend the rest of my affliate earnings.

Purchasing A Few Cheap Cards

Splinterlands Total Market Cap $16,730,078


What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Tournaments are already being played with prizes being offered in which have real monetary value. You can get started with investing in or playing Splinterlands by clicking here.


Unfortunately, fiat isn't completely useless... it's still wildly useful for purchasing goods and products... but I totally get your point.

Well done on the affiliates - I've had two friends use my link, which was amazing initially, but they both have dropped off.

Agreed, we all still need fiat.

I have 70 players signed up via my link. A handful are my own accounts in which I use to delegate out in an attempt to help introduce new players to the game.

That's amazing! You've done incredible work there.

Glad to see you posting about Splinterlands!!

For as long as I'm blogging I'll likely always post about Splinterlands to some degree.

Thanks for stopping by Clove71, always good to see you comment on my topics.


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Nice! I love going shopping for cards and watching their value increase, LOL! Good to see a Steem Monsters O.G. posting in Splinterlands! ~@clove71

Thanks for the upvote, Shopping for cheap cards is fun.

I intend to go back to the Splinterlands Market and spend the rest of my affiliate earnings on more cards very soon.

I am planning to purchase some untamed cards too.
My DEC was recently used to create my first side Splinterlands account.
It will put to use many cards that are not really selected in Higher league.

Nice, most have alternate accounts for extra rewards.

Very good card

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