How to claim your Splinterlands "Lensmaster" Airdrop Card

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Hello, we reached our goal of DICE Packs Sold!

If you purchased at least one DICE Pack, you are eligible for the random drop.

I think the ration was (1:167) or something around those odd's. Correct me below!

Here's how to claim.

  1. Go to ; )
  2. Go to Shop
  3. Click Dice
  4. Click Claim Airdrop

Good luck, let me know in the comments below if you were lucky?

Leave your Splinterlands User Name and your WAX Address below and I will randomly select some winners to receive a prize!

Thanks. Reseller





Congratulations Captain! Beautiful cards.😍
I didn't received airdrops. Not my luck for today but maybe next time.
#Splinterlands: pitut05
#wax: 4shaw.wam

Lordwinty here participating. Wax address f.jqw.wam

Good luck to everyone!

Woah! Nice drop and congrats! For rhe gold foil one ^^, I didn't drop my wax address because you already gave me nice wax nft's before, cheers and thanks...

splinterlands name: laralq



nice congrats

Its 1/150 as per the post by yaba -

WAX- lgjaw.wam
SPLINTERLANDS- blackheart1

Amazing aidrop man, i did not get that luck level but here we are! My wax: lwiqw.wam
My Splinter user name: Jeduardoz
Thanks for sharing all to everyone!

Congrats to the great legendary gold foil drop.



didnt get any.

wax: n.oqw.wam

splinterlands: jemmarti

Wow! Congratulations Sir! I did not received dice airdrops for now.
splinterlands username: borax20
wax: igeqw.wam

I got 0


I still dont get how to play.

Wow great airdrop for you. My wax wallet is: ngnqw.wam
Splinterlands username is cornavirus