Congrats, @rosiew! Got to say, I really loved your rendition too. It has a "sit-back-relax-by-the-fireplace" vibe with excellent vocals and creativity. They're right. You ARE a rockstar. :)

Thank you, Damienwolf! Yours was wonderful as well!! You sound very professional so I hope you sing in some sort of capacity that way!! :) Congrats to you on your win! :)

Rosie, everyone loved your rendition and, in the end, it was an absolute sqeaker. It was extremely difficult ranking the Top 3.

BTW, I hope you have some Elvis and/or Sinatra in you.


Thank you, Quill. My favorite song to sing is a jazzy version of Blue Moon... if that gives you a sense of things. ;) Thank you again for your support!! :)