(Splinterlands) Cambodian, Latin, and Polish Cards

Khmer Princess

The Khmer people are native to Southeast Asia, particularly Columbia. Their spiritual beliefs combine Theravada Buddhism with ancestor-worship and a general belief in the supernatural. The Khmer Princess wields such supernatural power in the form of glowing ball, which casts an intimidating shadow across her face.

I sold my only copy of Khmer Princess for $20.

Venari Crystalsmith

I am not quite as sure of my explanation of this card, but I believe 'Venari' may refer to the Latin word meaning 'to strive'. So this is card is likely the 'Striving Crystalsmith'. The picture shows the crystal smith striving to perfect her craft.

I purchased the Gold version of Venari Crystalsmith $2.87. It currently rents for 2.7 DEC per day (80% ROI).

Djinn Chwala

Djinns, also known as 'genies', are angelic Islamic spirits. Chwala is a Polish word that means "glory". This "Genie of Glory" is ready to seek glory in battle, wielding a sword and Morningstar.

I purchased the Gold version of Djinn Chwala $14.35. It currently rents for 14 DEC per day (84% ROI).