(Splinterlands) Greek, Egyptian, and Islamic-Inspired Cards

Dark Ferryman


The picture looks to be a cross between the modern representation of the Grim Reaper and the mythological ancient Greek ferryman Charon, who takes the dead across the river Styx to the afterlife. They are standing at the bow of a boat with a lantern held high. Though bright, the lantern does not illuminate the face of the figure, only their eyes.

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The serpent in the picture is coiled and bearing its fangs. In ancient Egypt, this serpent represented power. Egyptian deities were depicted wearing them like crowns and earthly pharos fashioned crowns in their image.

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Djinn Biljka


Djinns, also known as 'genies', are Islamic spirits similar to angels. Biljka is a Serbian word for 'plant'. This makes Djinn Biljka translate roughly to 'plant spirit'. The card illustrates this by depicting the Djinn's with a body as gnarled, intertwined branches with beard and arms of grasses.

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