🌿Obsidian/Art Contest (ENG/ESP)🌿

Hello! I came back with another summoner, this time I wanted to represent Obsidian, with whom at first glance I thought she was a calm but powerful woman, she turned out to be quite powerful but also super evil. I was thoughtful about how I wanted to draw her and in the end I decided on a portrait since I had not done one for a long time.


Hola! Regrese con otra invocadora, en esta ocasión quise representar a Obsidian, a primera vista pensé que era una mujer tranquila pero poderosa, resultó ser bastante poderosa pero también super malvada. Estuve un poco pensativa por cómo la quería dibujar y al final me decidí por un retrato que tenía mucho tiempo sin hacer uno.


The sketches are always a guide for what the final result will be, and I love adding many details that can make the character much better, but I always get it while doing the lineart. At the last moment I changed the position of the staff because I didn't want it to interfere with his face.

FotoJet (3).jpg

Los bocetos siempre son una guía para lo que será el resultado final, y a mi me encanta agregarle muchos detalles que puedan armar mucho mejor al personaje, pero siempre lo consigo es mientras realizo el lineart. En último momento cambié la posición del báculo porque no quería que interfiriera con su rostro.



For the color I wanted it to be a dark environment, at first I wanted it to be seen between red, green and blue colors but the essence of what I wanted was going to be lost so I went only with the shades of green and blue in contrast to a black background that looked like the darkness was engulfing her. In turn, the incidence of light from the bottom gave her face more drama, like an evil queen out of a story.

FotoJet (4).jpg

Para el color quise que fuese un ambiente oscuro, a primera instancia quería que se viera entre colores rojos, verdes y azules pero se iba a perder la esencia de lo que quería así que me fui solo con las tonalidades del verde y azul en contraste con un fondo negro que se viera como si la oscuridad la engullera. A su vez la incidencia de la luz la hice inferior, eso le otorgó mayor dramatismo a su rostro como toda una reina malvada salida de un cuento.


FotoJet (5).jpg


Software: Medibang paint
Time/Tiempo: 12h aprox.
Size/Tamaño: 2000x2000px a 300dpi



💖I hope you like it. A hug for everyone and good vibes 💖


💖Espero les guste. Un abrazo para todos y buena vibra 💖

✨✨If you want me to make you a draw, just let me know. I am open for comission without restriction.✨✨


firma transparente.png


Totalmenente encantada con tu arte, es una delicia verlos, ahhhh desde ahora muy fan de ti!!!

Awwww muchas graciaaas! Tus trabajos también son muy hermosos y siempre es muy lindo leer este tipo de cositas que hacen que uno quiera seguir dibujando y mejorando ❤

Woah. This is very impressive.
The shadows made a huge impact on the overall feel of the character.
It's like I am looking at a portrait of a powerful queen.

Great job.
Keep it up.


Thank you! I am very glad to achieve and transmite what I was looking for her ❤

You're welcome. You did a great job. 😊


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Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859

Thank youuu so much! ❤❤

love it

Aww I am very glad to read that ❤😊

She definitely looks both powerful and evil. You have done the lighting so well in this piece!

Thank you! It was very difficult for me since it is not a lighting that I am used to doing, but I am glad I tried it :D

And you got first place!! Congratulations!

I love the glows. So neat and specific.

I am very glad that you like it! ❤

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