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Hello! I´ve been missing for a long time, but I was attending a new stage of my life, that´s why it cost me to return to the drawing, but I came back with everything, and by this I mean that I feel that it took me forever to finish this drawing of Tarsa, I hope you like it.

fire summoner.jpg

Hola! Estuve desaparecida bastante tiempo atendiendo una nueva etapa de mi vida por lo que me había costado volver a retomar el dibujo, pero volvi con todo, y con ello me refiero a que siento que me tomo una eternidad terminar este dibujo de Tarsa, espero que les guste!.



In the creation of this drawing I had many, many obstacles. In fact I made three different versions of the summoner but in the end I liked this version of Tarsa recreated in a 90's style, especially because I allowed myself to play with the environment that surrounds her, in fact I put several references to other characters that gave an idea of a Splinterlands world a little more contemporary adding value to the context.




En la creación de este dibujo tuve muchas, muchísimas trabas. De hecho hice tres versiones diferentes de la invocadora pero al final me gusto esta versión de Tarsa recreada en un estilo de los años 90´ sobre todo porque me permití jugar con el ambiente que la rodea, en el cuarto metí varias referencias de otros personajes que dieran a la idea de un mundo de Splinterlands un poco mas contemporáneo agregandole valor al contexto.









I loved this lighter version


Software: Medibang paint
Time/Tiempo: 16h aprox
Size/Tamaño: 2000x2000px a 300dpi





💖I hope you like it. A hug for everyone and good vibes 💖


💖Espero les guste. Un abrazo para todos y buena vibra 💖

✨✨If you want me to make you a draw, just let me know. I am open for comission without restriction.✨✨


firma transparente.png


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Wonderful style, wish you luck!

Extraordinary. What I liked most was your way of combining everything to make it look so harmonious and striking. Keep it up.

Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859