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RE: Potion, Quest, and Active Splinter Updates

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What about reducing cost of Delwyn Dragonscale ?

After reducing costs of Archmage Delwyn cost the same Mana as Archmage but has only disadvantages against Archmage.

I think a card who cost the same Mana like other cards but all stats are same or worse than other cards is in the end useless.

So give Delwyn a usecase and reduce his cost also.

Thank you in advance !


Yeah, it doesn't make any sense to me that Delwyn has a mana cost of 5 when Daria is only 4 and Selenia (which is the best of all of those) is only 3.

yes you are right !
In the end the system is that Summoner cost 2 Mana and every buff 1 Mana, so summoner with one buff cost 3 Mana, with three buffs 5 Mana (in the end The Peakrider has also three buff as the normal buff is +1 shield and he get to this +2 shield more and -1 opponent range attack).

From this Daria and Delwyn go away and one buff cost not one Mana but two (Daria) or three (Delwyn) - for me it's not logical ... ok you could say one Mana for the ability to use Dragons, but than is the question why Selenia Sky cost only 3 Mana.

Quiet right, hopefully it will be look into by yaba and aggy.

I hope so.
I think it should be their goal to have a usecase for every card and not to have useless cards.

Their would be also other possibilities like a ruleset "Rise of the Common" who really deserve this name, means only common monster (and not common and rare) - this ruleset would in my opinion bring new life in (nearly) useless cards like the Rusty Android.