Splinterlands Heron Accounts: @felipejoys suddenly collects the reward itself

After the Heron service has ended, the payout of the rewards is actually pending.

It was clear that all the rewards received would be shared.
If this was still (usually) 50/50 when @tcpolymath was running, @felipejoys asked for a 3% service fee after the change in the rewards system before (usually) 50/50 was shared.

Since @felipejoys ended the service unilaterally, the billing was due.
However, @felipejoys now simply keeps the potions instead of paying them out, as the following statement from him shows in the Discord channel:


It is also no alternative that he gives these when selling the accounts, because these potions have nothing to do with the sold accounts, but are rewards that were obtained by playing.

It should be said here that Splinterlands has nothing to do with it, but @felipejoys offered a service for Splinterlands on its own account.

How do you see this thing?