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This battle shows that there is still a chance to win eventhough you are outnumbered in cards. You just need to have a good line up and also luck against the line up of your opponent.

For my line up in this battle:

  1. Hill Giant
  2. Goblin Psychic

Versus my enemy's line up:

  1. Fungus Fiend
  2. Mycelic Morphoid
  3. Chaos Agent
  4. Xenith Monk


3000 (15).png

It is Earth Summoner versus Earth Summoner. Scarred Llama Mage requires 7 mana while the Obsidian only requires 4. In terms of abilities the Scarred Llama Mage has an advantage because it has plus 2 health, last stand ability, and it can also cleanse all the debuffs from the friendly monster in the first position of each round.



The mana cap for this battle is very low. That is why I took extra time to decide what card will I use for my frontline. Most of the tank cards that I have requires a lot of mana. It would not work if I will only have one card and it is tank. Then I saw this card, Hill Giant, it only has one attack and one speed and its health is enough to be a tank and sustain the attack of my opponent. It does not have shield, so I paired it with my favorite card which is the Goblin Psychic. My Hill Giant will be my frontline here and then on my second and last position will be my Goblin Psychic. It will provide heal and sustain for my frontline. It will be safe in this position, unless my opponent has sneak or opportunity abilities.


I'm glad that my opponent did not have cards with sneak and opportunity abilities. This means my Goblin Psychic will be safe and will be able to provide unlimited healing and sustain for my frontline. If you will also take a look, we were able to easily take down the frontline of my opponent. While my frontline still have a full health. Thanks to my healer/ attacker because it is the one who dealt most damage to the front line of my opponent.



At the beginning of round 3, my Goblin Psychic easily take down the Chaos Agent. My opponent is only left with one card which is the Xenith Monk. When it was put in the first position, it gained extra 4 lives. This will not matter as long as my healer survives because it can keep my frontline alive. While the Xenith Monk do not have abilities to heal itself or there are no cards to heal it.

Both of my cards still have a full health. The Xenith Monk dealt damage to my frontline. However it was not enough because I have a healer to sustain and heal my Hill Giant. I guess if my opponent have another attacker with great damage, they will be able to take down my frontline.


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

I'm really surprised that my strategy worked because the Mana Cap is low and I only have two cards to attack. I just accepted that I will probably loose this battle. However a miracle happened because I managed to win and survive the whole battle. Both of my cards are all up with full health. I can say that this can be a good combo for low mana cap battles. But you have to make sure that your opponent does not have a sneak or opportunity abilities.

I guess I can try a summoner that gives extra shield to give my cards extra protection. Especially my healer, it needs to be protected because it can carry the whole battle.


Battle Link:




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Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

nice post but using all level 1 card for long in posts may consider as post farming.

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