Splinterlands, My Personal Goose That Laid The Golden Egg

I've have a special Goose, it's name is Splinterlands. What's so special about this goose? Every day it lays a golden egg for me.


Some days the golden egg is large and some days it is small. As long as I visit it and play with it every day it gives me a golden egg.

Ah! I can see from the look in your eyes that you don't believe me. Well I can prove it to you.

Yesterday when I played with Splinterlands, it gave me these rewards.


At the current value the Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) I received are worth over $11.32 and the two cards are worth $7.78 for a total reward of over $19 for one days Quest Reward.

The day before yesterday, when I played with Splinterlands, my reward was even larger. Here they are.


Even at todays lower DEC prices, this reward is still worth over $82.

To be fair, the golden eggs are not this large usually. Sometimes they are quite small. For example the day before the day before yesterday (yes, that's 3 days ago) these were my rewards.


Add up all the DEC and it comes to only about 30 cents. A very tiny egg to be sure.

If you want sign up for Splinterlands and starting earning your own little golden egg every day, you can sign up here. But remember, you need to play with Splinterlands every day to get a reward.