The Power Guild Free Delegations!

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Greetings fellow members of The Power guild!


As you know, many of our newer members are in the Bronze or Silver leagues and don't own a lot of cards. This means they have to rent a lot of cards to compete.

In an effort to help grow the guild and increase our participation and success in Brawls each week, I am offering to delegate some of my unused cards to my fellow guildmates. Below are the cards that are currently available for free delegations. Most are Beta Edition or Old Reward Edition cards. A few are Gold Foil.

I haven't listed any Summoners, current reward cards or CL cards, but if that is something Guildmates want/need I may be able to help. You can list special requests in comments also.

In an effort to be as fair as possible, I will delegate on a first come, first served basis. You can request delegations of up to 3 cards per day. So, the first day you can may request 3 cards, 24 hours later you can request an additional 3 of the remaining cards. All delegations will last as long as you are active and remain in the guild.

To receive a delegation just list up to 3 cards you wish to have in the comments. 24 hours after you post your request you can come back and make another request of up to 3 cards. Please check all the other comments to make sure you are not requesting cards that have already been requested. Be sure to list your Guild name if it's different than here.

I hope that you will participate in the weekly Guild Brawls. Also, if you feel these delegations are helping you to increase your winnings, a small contribution to the guild buildings would really help.

And now, the cards:


Kobold Miner LVL3
Fire Beetle LVL4
Exploding Dwarf LVL4
Exploding Dwarf LVL4
Ettin Spearman LVL4 Gold
Ettin Spearman LVL4
Ettin Spearman LVL3
Flame Monkey LVL3
Serpentine Soldier LVL3


Pirate Captain LVL4
Pirate Captain LVL3
Spineback Turtle LVL4
Crustacean King LVL3
Sabre Shark LVL3
Wave Runner LVL3
Water elemental LVL3


Flesh Golem LVL3
Goblin Scorcerer LVL4
Goblin Scorcerer LVL3
Rexxie LVL4
Rexxie LVL3
Wood Nymph LVL4
Wood Nymph LVL4
Wood Nymph LVL4
Wood Nymph LVL3
Screeching Vulture LVL4 Gold
Screeching Vulture LVL4
Screeching Vulture LVL3
Harvester LVL2
Javelin Thrower LVL2


Divine Healer LVL4
Divine Healer LVL3
Silvershield Knight LVL3
Silvershield Warrior LVL4
Silvershield Archers LVL4
Silvershield Archers LVL3
Baby Unicorn LVL5
Baby Unicorn LVL4
Baby Unicorn LVL3


Haunted Spider LVL4
Haunted Spider LVL4
Haunted Spider LVL3
Skeleton Assassin LVL4
Skeleton Assassin LVL4
Vampire LVL4
Vampire LVL3
Undead Rex LVL3
Ancient Lich LVL1


Highland Archer LVL4 Gold
Goblin Mech LVL3
Elven Defender LVL2
Mantoid LVL2
Parasitic Growth LVL2
Gelatinous Cube LVL4 Gold
Gelatinous Cube LVL4 Gold
Sand Worm LVL3
Hobgoblin LVL3


@ Jon Frost
Sand worm lvl 3
Spineback Turtle LVL4
Ettin Spearman LVL4 Gold

Cards have been delegated. They are now yours to use as long as you need them and remain active in the guild.

I would like to request another cards, as you stated, thank you again for your generosity.
@Jon Frost
Wood Nymph LVL4
Goblin Sorcerer LVL4
Screeching Vulture LVL4 Gold

Just delegated the next set. Looks like your the only guildmate taking advantage of the offer, so you still have plenty to choose from for tomorrow.

I would to request another set of cards, It seems still nobody on our guildmates wants to try this kind of opportunity hihih, thank you very much
Kobold Miner LVL3
Serpentine Soldier LVL3
Gelatinous Cube LVL4 Gold

Delegated and good luck!

hello SM trainer, Ill ask again for some cards, thank you
Highland Archer LVL4 Gold
Silver shield Archers LVL4
Crustacean King LVL3

thank you very much SM trainer

yeah, Im curious also why our other guildmates dont have any interest to this kind of opportunity you provided for us.

thank you very much SM trainer, these card will provide huge boost for me.

Dear @sm-trainer, we need your help!

The Hivebuzz proposal already got important support from the community. However, it lost its funding a few days ago when the HBD stabilizer proposal rose above it.

May we ask you to support it so our team can continue its work?
You can do it on Peakd, Ecency, /
or using HiveSigner.

All votes are helpful and yours will be much appreciated.
Thank you!

I would love to borrow from you:
Elven Defender LVL2
Gelatinous Cube LVL4 Gold
Parasitic Growth LVL2
IGN: puchaty13