Top 5 Winning Summoners (2021-09-15)

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Top 5 Splinterlands winning summoners and monsters

Battle date: 2021-09-15
Total Battles Won: 84,754
Player Rating: 0-1000
Battle Type: Ranked

 PositionSummoner/MonsterTotal Wins
1.Death SummonerZintar Mortalis20,890
 TankHaunted Spirit17,939
 BacklineUndead Priest4,785
 Second BacklineSkeleton Assassin4,715
 Third BacklineTwisted Jester3,204
 Fourth BacklineDeath Elemental2,071
 Fifth BacklineCursed Slimeball561
2.Water SummonerAlric Stormbringer20,341
 TankSerpent of Eld7,694
 Second BacklineIce Pixie6,296
 Third BacklineEnchanted Pixie3,857
 Fourth BacklineWater Elemental3,106
 Fifth BacklineElven Mystic2,361
3.Fire SummonerPyre11,386
 TankLiving Lava5,280
 BacklineGoblin Shaman2,955
 Second BacklineSerpentine Spy3,298
 Third BacklineSpark Pixies792
 Fourth BacklineFire Elemental784
 Fifth BacklineFire Beetle592
4.Fire SummonerMalric Inferno11,069
 TankLiving Lava5,280
 BacklineSerpentine Spy3,298
 Second BacklineKobold Miner2,710
 Third BacklineSpark Pixies792
 Fourth BacklineFire Elemental784
 Fifth BacklineFurious Chicken630
5.Life SummonerTyrus Paladium7,563
 TankSilvershield Paladin2,318
 BacklineDivine Healer2,678
 Second BacklineFeral Spirit1,252
 Third BacklinePeacebringer1,102
 Fourth BacklineElven Cutthroat760
 Fifth BacklineCave Slug974

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