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In their newest post @splinterlands asked the community a question: Could you compare Splinterlands to another game? So I started thinking and thought: Sure, I like this idea. I like that the developers like to get feedback and that they use this platform to get it. So here are my thoughts. And because it is boring to compare Splinterlands to another card game I will compare Splinterlands with an online game from another Category: Fortnite.

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Splinterlands website header

What is similar between Splinterlands and Fortnite?

First of all, I have to explain what the similarities are so that you can understand why I decided to compare those games. Splinterlands is a card game and Fortnite a shooter. So the basics and the player base are different. I think you can learn something from other games for your game all the time. Marketing strategies, how you keep your players active, events users like and so on. There is a reason some games get and stay popular. So the only similarity I was searching for this article is the following: I wanted to compare Splinterlands to a game that also has a multiplayer mode mainly and a big player base. In both games, we want to have fun and compare us with other players. So let's have a look at what we can learn from each other:

What is better/worse in Splinterlands?

  • better: Gifts for playing. In Splinterlands you get a challenge every day. If you can complete it you get some cards as a reward. Also every season you get a lot of cards as a reward for your final rank. This is awesome. Surely, there are a lot of players who only play for those daily rewards but it is good to get users back into the game. Fortnite also has some daily quest but they are only worth it to play if you paid for their 10$ battle pass.

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An example quest in Splinterlands

  • worse: Playtime. In Fortnite you can play nearly all the time. After you died, you search a new round and you will be in really fast (at least it feels fast because the battle afterward is up to 20 mins long). Sure, the bigger player base is a big factor. But in Splinterlands you wait longer for a new opponent than watching the battle. I know the focus in this game is all about team building there you spend up to 3 mins. But here again, as soon as you are ready with teambuilding you have to wait for your opponent if your opponent needs more time. A lot of time you just wait to play.
  • better: Booster packs. I know this fact is a no go for many players especially nowadays as many call this pay2win. In Splinterlands you also have to get a lot of dupes to level your card up to play in higher ranks. But I think do not think this is bad, I like it. If you have a loot box system you need ways around pay2win. In SPlinterlands there are 3 things: 1. the market. You could buy every card itself instead of booster packs to be sure that you get what you want if you pay money. 2. The above mentioned three cards and 3. A ranking system that guarantees you that other players will not destroy you all the time if they pay more money. So the game still feels fair. And I like loot boxes in general. Fortnite has a direct shop instead. Everything in here is really expensive with the market in Splinterlands you can get a lot of basic cards for low money instead.
  • worse: Language support. This is not a problem for me. I am not good at speaking/writing in English but I understand English good enough to understand the game and the mechanics. But I know a lot of people who want to play a game in their native language. In my case, it would be german (at least all the cards effects and the rules of the game) which is not supported right now.

What empty holes in your heart are filled by Splinteralnds that Fortnite leaves wide open?

To collect monsters. One of my first games ever was Pokemon. I played it as a child and I play it nowadays. I love to catch Pokemon and train them. Most of my favorite games have comparable collecting mechanics. In Fortnite you collect skins for your character and weapons instead. This is boring for me even though I love to collect in general. So yeah, they both offer a collecting mechanic but I like Splinterlands more. Also, the market is awesome. Every card I collect is my card based on blockchain technology. This leads to a market where we can sell what we collect. It would be awesome to have some random skins in Fortnite with a market for them, too. But in the end, Splinterlands ownership will always be better thanks to the mentioned blockchain.

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Gotta collect them all: Some Splinterlands cards

Another thing is that you can see that Splinterlands is listening to their community. With stuff like a weekly challenge to get the feedback, you feel that they design the game for us. Fortnite instead is doing bad stuff sometimes. The community with all their active players is clearly against some changes and Fortnite is ignoring it. Sure, it is their game and they have their reasons but I think it is more important to listen to your players who are active on social media.

What does Fortnite offer that Splinterlands doesn't but you'd love to see?

A Battle pass. I paid Fornite 10$ once (they reinvest every 10 weeks if you play enough) and now I have a long term goal. With daily and weekly quests I collect exp. I can level my battle pass now until level 100. On every level, I get a collectible item. This is something awesome a game can add to keep me playing all the time. With a battle pass in Splinterlands, I would have a goal that I want to reach daily even though I claimed my daily reward already. 100 Levels and on each level we get a new card that would be awesome! I am a big fan of battle passes as every game can design its battle pass. With Fortnite we have 100 levels to reach and every level brings a skin. Other games offer additional daily quests for example. I would pay 10$ to SPlinterlands once to get more in-game goals all the time if I play enough. In Fortnite you collect an in-game currency to reinvest in this pass. SPlinterlands has a currency with DEC as well. So it would be a great idea in my opinion to price a Splinterlands pass with DEC. And if you finish the pass you collect enough DEC on your way to buy the pass again.

That's it. Have you played Fortnite and Splinterlands? If yes, do you have more to compare between both games? I would love to read about it in my comments.

Where to play Splinterlands?: https://splinterlands.io/


This is a well thought out post mate!

Thanks for the positive feedback!

Hey! Excellent article!
This is exactly what we are looking for.
I agree with your thoughts.
We are hoping to 'moon' with players making the 'searching for opponent' practically non-existent.
And languages! We are working on those too!

Your suggestion for a "Battle Pass" is quite interesting. I'll pass it along to the team.

Thanks so much for writing this and sharing to reddit!


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Thank you. I try to get back to steemit right now. And to write about SPlinterlands while playing this game again is a perfect start. :) I will my best to write more! :)

the gif is awesome. But to be honest I do not know what spt is (I turned back Splinterlands after a long time off). Do you have a good article I could read about it?