Battle Ruleset Updates

The Splinterlands team is planning to roll out some significant changes to the rulesets in battles in the upcoming release this Tuesday, January 24th, 2023.

The primary change is that up to three rulesets may be active at the same time in Gold league and higher ranked battles, as well as all Tournament and Guild Brawl battles. Previously, only two rulesets could be active for a battle. By increasing that to three it opens up exponentially more new and interesting combinations that players will need to navigate in order to crush their opponent.

The chances of getting 1, 2, or 3 rulesets, as well as chances of getting the "Standard" ruleset in each league is shown below:

  • Bronze - 75% chance of 1 ruleset / 25% chance of “Standard” ruleset
  • Silver - 75% chance of 2 rulesets / 20% chance of 1 ruleset / 5% chance of “Standard” ruleset
  • Gold+ / Tournament / Brawl - 75% chance of 3 rulesets / 15% chance of 2 rulesets / 8% chance of 1 ruleset / 2% chance of “Standard” ruleset

Additionally, we have reworked the methodology by which the rulesets can be chosen. In the past, the rulesets were grouped into one of two categories - primary or secondary - as well as an "any" category. A maximum of one primary ruleset and one secondary ruleset could be chosen for any battle which significantly limited the possible ruleset combinations.

With the change to 3 rulesets we have completely removed the categories and now any rulesets can be combined with any other rulesets except for specific exclusions to prevent certain incompatible combinations.

This will open up a whole bunch of really interesting new ruleset combinations that were not possible before. For example you could have a Back to Basics, Equal Opportunity, Unprotected battle where all monsters lose their base abilities, gain the Opportunity ability, and don't have any armor. Or you could have a Broken Arrows, Even Stevens, Taking Sides battle where you can only choose monsters that do not have a Ranged attack, have even Mana cost, and are not Neutral.

The full list of all of the current rulesets in the game are shown in the table at the bottom of this post including what "type" of ruleset it is and the list of incompatible rulesets and ruleset types for each.

Two New Rulesets

With this change we will also be releasing the following two new rulesets:

  • Going the Distance - Only Monsters with Ranged attack may be used.
  • Wands Out - Only Monsters with Magic attack may be used.

These will round out the attack type rulesets so that now there will be rulesets which don't allow each type of attack as well as rulesets which only allow each type of attack.

Please note that we will also be disabling these six "attack type" limiting rulesets in Alpha edition only tournaments since there are already so few cards to choose from in the Alpha edition that it doesn't make sense to limit it further.

Show Us Your Battles!

Having to adapt to constantly changing rules and knowing which cards are better or worse in different situations is the core component of the skill and fun of the Splinterlands game, and we look forward to this update taking that mechanic to an entirely new level.

The mechanic also allows nearly every card in the game to have utility and value in certain situations, which requires players to have a very diverse selection of cards available in order to be competitive. We see this as another important feature of the game, as well as being a nice change from the typical collectible card game where many cards are worthless and hardly ever used in competitive play.

We can't wait to see players posting some of the crazy new ruleset combinations they encounter in battles and seeing certain previously underutilized cards shine when that specific situation arises that calls for them!

Updated Ruleset & Incompatibility List

NameTypeIncompatible TypesIncompatible Rulesets
Aim TrueAbility
Briar PatchAbility
Close RangeAbility
Equal OpportunityAbilityAimless, Melee Mayhem, Super Sneak, Target Practice
Explosive WeaponryAbility
Fire & RegretAbility
Heavy HittersAbility
Holy ProtectionAbility
Melee MayhemAbility
Super SneakAbilityMelee Mayhem
Target PracticeAbilityAimless
Tis but ScratchesAbility
Up to ElevenAbility
Weak MagicAbility
What Doesn't Kill YouAbility
Broken ArrowsAttack TypeAttack TypeClose Range, Fire & Regret
Keep Your DistanceAttack TypeAttack TypeBriar Patch, Melee Mayhem, Stampede, Super Sneak
Going the DistanceAttack TypeAttack TypeBriar Patch, Counterspell, Melee Mayhem, Stampede, Super Sneak, Weak Magic
Lost MagicAttack TypeAttack TypeCounterspell, Weak Magic
Up Close & PersonalAttack TypeAttack TypeAimless, Close Range, Counterspell, Fire & Regret, Target Practice, Weak Magic
Wands OutAttack TypeAttack TypeBriar Patch, Close Range, Fire & Regret, Melee Mayhem, Stampede, Super Sneak
Even StevensCard ManaCard Mana
Little LeagueCard ManaCard ManaFerocity, Stampede
Odd Ones OutCard ManaCard Mana
Lost LegendariesCard RarityCard Rarity
Rise of the CommonsCard RarityCard Rarity
Taking SidesCard Type
Back to BasicsAbility RemovalAbility RemovalFerocity, Heavy Hitters, Stampede
Fog of WarAbility Removal
Healed OutAbility Removal
Armored UpOther
Noxious FumesOther
Reverse SpeedOther
Silenced SummonersOther
UnprotectedOtherArmored Up, Weak Magic

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Dude Madness, it'll take a real Splinterlands Brofessor to understand the matches.

Not sure it will help against bots. More rules means less possibilities for playable cards and then it becomes easier for a bot to find the "best" team.
It will take a few weeks for bots algorithms to be refined but after this, we will be back to square one.

Just played a match with Super Sneak and Fog of War plus a third. Shouldn't super sneak and fog of war be incompatible?

I also saw a few weird ruleset combinations a few months ago. Nowadays I very rarely play Splinterlands. Probably the rulesets are one of the smallest problems in Splinterlands. The game being frustratingly too hard and pay-to-win are the biggest problems. It was not like this always. Splinterlands was much better in the past. Mostly in/around 2019. It was one of my favorite games.

Back then there were too few cards and you could predict what you're opponent would do. I win way more now. If I see the competition is strong, I just won't play for a few days and it gets easier.

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What's a "Standard" ruleset?

It's a ruleset that basically the same as "no ruleset". All the cards and summoners act as normal with no additional advantages or disadvantages.

Ah right on. Thanks!


My pleasure!

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Wow, Gold+ Competitor will be fierce and become more interesting. so many combinations.

cool, now we are talking about game not some debate about tokenomics


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I'm a bot, if you want a hand ask @ zottone444

Would love to see the 3 rulesets in Silver league. It would drive the bots further down the chain instead of all into Silver.

Looking forward to the new ruleset combos, brings new dynamics to the game :)

I think i need to start playing this game I've been seeing so many post about it

Swami SAYS, not sure if MOST can "handle" the extra ruleset... #SwamiSays

So we have 1-2 weeks before the bots get enough data to crack the code and surpass us again. Humans cannot beat bots.

Obi-Wan and Anakin would disagree with you.

This should shake it up... I love it! Way to make the game more interesting and make us have to think even more :D

AWESOME! Thank you, thank you, thank you!