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You can feel it in the air. Things are heating up in the world of #play2earn, and mainstream audiences are realizing more and more that owning your in-game assets and playing to earn are the future of gaming. It's time to talk about how you all can contribute to this tidal wave of attention, supporting the blockchain game you love for a chance to win an awesome weekly prize!

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Evidence of Awesomeness

As we prepare for the eagerly anticipated launch of Splintershards next week, the Splinterlands card market cap has been soaring to new heights on a daily basis. The daily p2p card trading volume has risen to over $100,000 a day. In the last 7 days, more than 2000 Summoner's Spellbooks have been purchased and record numbers of people are joining the game every single day. Today for the first time, we may surpass 1 million blockchain transactions in a single day.

This kind of growth and increased attention could never be possible without the strong and constant support of our incredible community. We're not calming down. We won't be quiet, we won't be satisfied, and we hope you won't either. Let's power into another week of PLAY2EARN with Splinterlands.

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from the morning of July 24th

On Twitter, our following is currently growing at a rate of somewhere around 500 new followers each day. This rate has been increasing exponentially since our official account was reinstated after the suspension, so as we suspected, we are back stronger and better than ever. The suspension will be remembered as a turning point after which the game was more popular and successful than ever before.

Last Week's Winner

Thank you all for your support on Twitter with the PLAY2EARN tag over the last week. With your help, we were the most mentioned project with that hashtag by far. Our winner from last week (pictured below) wins a Byzantine Kitty Legendary Summoner, currently valued at $149.

Congratulations @ohmmygod! 1 Byzantine Kitty is coming your way!

Let's Do it Again!

Once again, after 1 week we'll be giving away a Legendary Summoner to the author of a tweet that meets the following criteria:

  • #Splinterlands is tagged
  • #Play2Earn is tagged
  • Multiple retweets are achieved
  • Tweet is shared in the comments of this post before the payout has expired.

Be creative, be yourself and have fun! Remember that we're not asking you to share this post. Instead, we want organic shout outs and original content. Tell the Twitterverse why you love Splinterlands. There is a lot to love!

Some Ideas for Inspiration - Share a battle, write a poem, or link to your favorite Splinterlands resource. Tell us a quick story of Splinterlands glory, or write a lengthy detailed thread about all the ways that you can play to earn with Splinterlands. Give some strategy advice or tell us about some of the cards with which you always win. Brag about your battle stats, tag a famous person, or show us what you got in last season's rewards. Tell us what you're most excited about in Splinterlands' future and tell us why. Crack a joke, share a meme or draw a picture. We want it all... just make sure that you tag #PLAY2EARN and #Splinterlands.

This week's winner!!

Congrats @foggybottom!!! 1 Byzantine Kitty is coming your way!

Thank you everyone for making newcomers feel welcome and for sharing your expertise and experience with them. We appreciate you all more than you can imagine! Let's shout so loud that Splinterlands echoes throughout the world and people everywhere realize its play2earn power in their own lives. As always... See you on the battlefield!


Rewards for this post are burned.🔥


Woah, can't believe I won! I'm going to post a follow-up update on what those summoners are worth this week.

Hi, i join before month and im happy because i join in right time. I try to collect SPT tokens from blogs, buying them in hive engine and i stack them. Im new and nobody explain me how this works but i hope i work in right order, if i understood more SPT tokens i have in stack more SPT tokens i get for voting posts? Sorry for stupid questions i just try to learn...

#Splinterlands is tagged
#Play2Earn is tagged

Here is my entry !

This is my entry :D Hope I win!!

#Splinterlands is tagged
#Play2Earn is tagged

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Here's my post, that summoner has to be mine!

#Splinterlands is tagged
#Play2Earn is tagged

My contribution this week:

great is my entrance


Just loving this game honestly. Here's my tweet :

My entry

The markets are making it easy for all the independent promoters of Splinterlands recently... $DEC prices moonshoting, Card and Land Prices skyrocketing, and the $SPS airdrops and Land Expansion aren't even live yet. The Splinterlands team has shown the world what happens when decentralized blockchain technology gets applied to the gaming world!

Splinterlands is pumping up the economy for rest of Hive-block chain ;)

here we go again!



@splinterlands! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @solymi.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (2/10)

This is my contribution to this great game!!!

Here is my entry, hopefully is good enough as I have used the #playtoearn.

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I Had No Clue!!!

Amazing initiative, SPS to the moon!!!
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HIVE post:

Hi 🙂, my entry:

ign: godislove777

My first airdrop day :)

Here's my entry

There is such a trash all around that my head is spinning. This is what I chose the time to return.