Second Riftwatchers Airdrop Card Revealed

The second Riftwatchers airdrop card (not counting the presale promo card, Oshuur Constantia) will be the Earth element Legendary card - Ancient Redwood!

Every Riftwatchers pack purchased within the first 1M packs will have a 0.44% chance of receiving an Ancient Redwood card in the airdrop. Additionally, players will be guaranteed to receive at least one Ancient Redwood airdrop card for every 225 packs purchased. Finally, each Ancient Redwood card that is airdropped to players will have a 4% chance of being a gold foil version of the card.

The airdrop card will be available to claim through the game website shortly after 1M Riftwatchers Gems packs have been sold. At the time of writing there are just over 100k packs left that will be eligible for the Ancient Redwood airdrop.

Ancient Redwood - Stats

The Ancient Redwood is an 11 Mana Earth Legendary card with a monstrous Ranged attack that cannot miss due to the True Strike ability. He also gains Reflection Shield which protects him from reflected and other indirect damage, as well as Fury which allows him to do double damage against targets with Taunt. Finally, at max level he gains piercing allowing his attacks to go through Armor!

Get Your Riftwatchers Gems

As mentioned above, there are just a bit over 100k Riftwatchers Gems packs remaining for sale that will be eligible for the Ancient Redwood airdrop, so be sure to pick up yours before they sell out!

Riftwatchers packs require both SPS and VOUCHER tokens to purchase. They cannot be purchased with DEC or CREDITS, and all SPS spent to purchase them goes to the SPS DAO for the benefit of all staked SPS token holders.

You can earn SPS and VOUCHER tokens via various methods within the Splinterlands game and token ecosystem, or you can also click on the "+" next to the SPS balance at the top of the Splinterlands game website for buying options on various third-party markets.

Ancient Redwood - Lore

Legend has it that the Ancient Redwood began his life aeons ago as the only nut to fall from the Elder Tree and take root beneath its massive canopy of leaves and branches. His name has been lost to memory, even to himself.

They say he is the Father of the Forests and, without him, the Splinterlands would be a barren and desolate place.

They say he created the first treefolk by breaking off his own limbs and breathing life into his children.

They say he exhaled the first motes of earthen mana into the world.

They say that, during the Splintering, he alone held together the continent of Anumun and is why it did not fracture into a thousand pieces or sink into the sea.

They say his slumber lasts for generations, and when he awakens, you and your children's children's children will have been long forgotten.

They say he is a friend to the fey, a guardian of the natural order of things, and lo, pity to those who threaten that which he holds dear.

They say that, when the Chaos Legion came and swept across Anumun, there came a great stirring. The Ancient Redwood had awoken, and he was not pleased.

But these are only legends.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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The amazing range attack and true strike comes from throwing trees like arrows.

Looks amazing!

I am Groot!

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Fernheart welcomes Ancient Redwood to the team.

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What a beast in reverse speed!

parece ser uma carta forte.

Looks like Groot. Nice new character.

Seems like an absolute treely beast in a huge mana reverse speed ruleset next to a taunt monster.

This new card looks very good and has a very good distance attack.

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