Thanks for the notes for those who can’t listen.

Such a tease😌untitled.gif

Super excited for the CL! Thank you SL for such a wonderful game!

amazing updates! Thanks team ❤

Hey Guys @splinterlands ,

Just wanted to double check on something :
So ... one doesn't have to buy 1000 packs in 1 transaction to get the Legionnaire title?

i.e. Someone buys 500 packs , then another 500 later during the presale ... they would still get the Legionnaire Title?

Got me ready to battle!

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Is there any way to calculate the amount of vouchers ill get?

I love the political commentary of Doctor Blight.

I appreciate the summary of the AMA.
Well, to be honest, It helps when you are too busy to attend the meeting or watch the replay.

This post and video was fantastic!I can't wait for the new cards and ofcourse the Doctor Blight!