Splinterlands has been Twitter Banned! 🤯

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Authored by @chrisroberts

As many of you have already noticed, yesterday (June 23rd) morning, the official Splinterlands Twitter account was "suspended" suddenly and without any indicated explanation. Jerks.

Press Release


Why We Use Twitter

You may be thinking, "but Splinterlands, you're a decentralized game built on a foundation of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Why do you even need Twitter?" In the shortest possible answer, we don't. Thanks to our incredible community and the power of blockchain ownership, our game and our success will absolutely continue to grow without the big tech giant, as you'll see demonstrated during this period of banning. Still, there is one mainstream social media platform that has been invaluable to us through the years, both in terms of reaching and growing our community: Twitter.

We decided long ago that it was well worth playing by Twitter's rules and adhering to its policies, because thousands and thousands of free impressions per post are hard to come by anywhere on the internet. Twitter has proven useful for sharing news and updates, supporting community content, holding contests and more.

As blockchain enthusiasts, we have never fully trusted the mainstream platforms and we were always prepared for this eventuality. As expressed by co-founder and CTO Matt Rosen in Discord, being Twitter banned is a "rite of passage" for successful projects in this industry. In some ways we are flattered, but that doesn't change the fact that we were wrongly suspended and our free speech was violated. We will do everything in our power to get our account reinstated as quickly as possible, after which we will grow even more strongly than before.

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Not so Easy to Silence

The Hive blockchain ecosystem is one of the most capable and powerful decentralized forces in the world. We may still be comparatively small in some cases, but the people of Hive have declared forcefully that they will not be ruled, they will not be controlled, and they will not be silenced.

With this suspension, we may be the victims of an unfair and unjust system that favors the giants, but even victims can find incredible opportunities in unlikely places.

This is your chance, Hive community, to do what you love to do. Mobilize the hive, shout from the virtual rooftops, throw your windows open wide and proclaim "This is what we were made for and we won't back down!"

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Overcoming Resistance

Splinterlands has survived and thrived through the long crypto winter of 2018 and 2019. In the shadow of less innovative projects with greater resources and greater funding, we have beaten the odds by delivering one of the greatest blockchain games in the world, and we're just getting started. We have no intention of slowing our success because of negative attention from Twitter, whose attention we have never craved or needed.

The best place to fight this injustice is on Twitter. Boycotting the social media giant doesn't solve anything. It must be a fight of words, it must be civil, and it must be on their territory, which is the only place they are comfortable. You have Splinterlands' blessings to share the news, promote the censor-resistant Hive blockchain we love, even get riled up if that's your thing. Let's all come together and show some support for the technology we believe in so strongly.

A Little Contest - CALL TO ACTION!

We've decided to make a little contest out of this Twitter call to action. Show your support for Splinterlands on Twitter and share your tweet in the comments below this post. In a few days, we will select the most creative, the most humorous and the most engaging tweets and award their authors with TBD Splinterlands prizes.

Make sure to use @splinterlands and #splinterlands in your posts.

The Streisand Effect


The Streisand effect is a social phenomenon that occurs when an attempt to hide, remove, or censor information has the unintended consequence of further publicizing that information, often via the Internet.

"This will only help us grow. We're thankful to the community for ensuring our messages of true asset ownership, economic freedom, and a trip to the same moon get out there even when we ourselves are silenced."
-@aggroed, Splinterlands co-founder and CEO

"Being blocked from Twitter is like a rite of passage in the crypto world - it means we're important enough to block lol. We can all make a big fuss about it on Twitter and get more attention too. 😛"
-@yabapmatt, Splinterlands co-founder and CTO

This may seem to some of you a setback, but rest assured that Splinterlands is strong and growing stronger every day. The team is in excellent spirits, and it would take far more than a flagrant infringement of our free speech to hinder all the fun and success we're experiencing.

Thank you all for your loyalty and your continued support. We are strong because our community is strong.


Don't miss tonight's AMA @ 8PM EST.

It's gonna be a good one. 😎

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very strange, how could splinterlands be in any way offensive to twitter? unfortunately twitter was very useful for advertising

Two dudes I know for banned this week for literally nothing. Quoting a movie and the other got a suspension for just explaining the situation. Twitter is garbage

For what it's worth I wrote an A-level sociology blog post about it


and shared it on Twitter and elsewhere

Nice example of unjust social media censorship.

That's a great write-up, thanks! I'll share it on...
wait, where will I share it? 😂 Just kidding, we still have places to share things.

wait, where will I share it?

Well, you either laugh or you cry I guess.

This has to be a case of 'Game-industry back scratching' - someone high up at Twitter with links to some large gaming company?

It's all the same set, no doubt.

I feel like this is gonna be all kinds of fun. 😁👊

My tweet in support

That blows this was not solved by now.

I’ve done what I can to get the word out.

I sent this tweet out the other day and privately contacted a bunch of individuals about the manner to get the word out quicker.

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I’ve put out a newer Tweet to keep the pressure going. It saddens me every time I see big tech target gaming and gamers in such a manner with bans, copyright strikes, and other things that they do.

I myself have had issues in the past with the giants when it came to my gaming content when I was younger so many years ago. This is in part why I was more than happy to be a part of a blockchain that allows me to express my thoughts on games. Without them meddling in my free speech and the nonsense that occurs to silent people on Web 2.0.

It’s just a game yet they seem so gung-ho on their endless assault of gaming. Cheers to web 3.0 being a monster they can’t cage.

Complete solidarity from the Hard Rock Crypto team!
Here the english translation of our Italian Tweet:
Read the linked article, the @splinterlands account blocked by #Twitter.
#Splinterlands is a game based on blockchain, and what a great project by the way!!!
Nosense! Yet there seems to be those who can do what they want here... right #ElonMusk !?

We'll keep spreading the word as much as possible.

Couldn't get past

too noisy, maybe?

I was thinking of adding another caption, "These Mice Have Sharp Teeth"

that would have been too much 😇

I was frustrated when I heard about this but I can’t dispute Matt’s claim. It’s like the claim of landing on a watchlist. We all joke about it but honestly if we’re not a target of the status quo at this point what are we even doing with our lives?

We should view this as a landmark occasion. Maybe we should find a way to commemorate it. 😁


Love the idea! Also, make it 99 mana (basically unplayable) and should only be burned.

I like the idea of making it a card that looks like shit but is worth a lot of money. Like Jack himself.

I agree, this will definitely be remembered fondly for years to come! 😉

It would be awesome to have a promo card to commemorate the occasion, but time will tell. For now we're happy to use the opportunity to draw some new attention to Splinterlands.

YES!! A promo card would just nail it. It’s likely sell out immediately, too. I want one!

Those big corps are way too tied to their country politics and "political correctness" and will sink under the weight of it.

Totalitarism doesn't last long, either in real world or electronic world. Enjoy your last years twitter, we will not miss you as we will not miss Facebook and the like.

hope, I don't get suspended for this tweet:

Here's an article I just published on Publish0x with some more of my personal thoughts about this suspension. 😀
Thanks everyone for your incredible support!

Publish0x Post Thumb (32).png

Our strength is in our organized mobilization.

It's evident, twitter doesn't want a decentralized game, more so the one that's currently making waves. I know twitter was a tool needed for adoption, but then splinterland has come so far and can cope with this ban.

This is insan...
But yes nobody can stop the growth of Blockchain and yes Splinterlands game also...

Injustice from a blind twitter!

I dont like what twitter is doing to its users.

If Twitter is blocking us it is because they are afraid of the potential of this game and business model, in fact, they should make a special event every year to commemorate this event in the game.

Jack’s twitter bots are active.

Maybe you could have a bunch of people open up Twitter accounts and share the crap out of this.

What better way to react then to flood their on platform with the news that they like to abuse others...

Honestly enough if these platforms cannot abide by Free speech they should not be allowed to operate in the Free world. If it's your private website that's one thing you can do what you want however if it's a public website....

Which I think that is where it's coming from because Twitter they believe is a private owned company.

Time to change the rules on these corporate websites.

You definitely have puppy dog's permission to fight back!


we need a nice event or tournament every month to mark this :)



@splinterlands! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @mightyrocklee.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (4/10)

This is BS!!!

I can recognize injustice!

My my my what heavy hands you have my dear... Said @Splinterlands to Twitter. 🐺

Fun challenge. Here’s my tweet. Haha.

this happened to me in feb exactly like this no warning no nothing and i checked my posts i didnt have any posts that break their terms and i couldnt reach them for help and some friends when they checked my profile it says i have suspicious activity kind of warning too and so i kept trying to find way to retreive it and gave up after 4days of being stressed about it and then after a week i tried again to log in and suddenly my access was back but lost all the folowers and following but only for a day but the count went down when it returned

Count me in, I am fully support what you said here

Tech Gaints need to answer for their actions.

Indeed, being blocked is a weird kind of recognition.

Coming out of it, @splinterlands presence will be stronger than before.

Here is my tiny contribution and I don't compete for any price. It's just the right thing to do. We must stick together in good and in bad times!

Free Splinterlands!

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