Splinterlands is MarketSquare's Game of the Month!

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Our friends and partners at ARK.io have been creating the "homepage of the decentralized web." It is a resource and directory for blockchain projects, a hub for making connections, and a social media platform built for web3 functionality. Their team has been hard at work on building this platform since mid 2020, and now MarketSquare is open for beta testing!

Ark and Splinterlands first announced partnership in October of 2020 with this Ark Partnership Announcement. We have been following the development of MarketSquare and working together at every possible opportunity since. MarketSquare has joined us as sponsors and speakers at previous DYGYCON events, and they have made high-quality videos explaining various aspects of the Hive blockchain, including specific Splinterlands videos.


Game of the Month

On MarketSquare, you'll find a broad community of blockchain-based companies and projects offering a very wide range of products and services. There are businesses, directories, exchanges, defi sites, developer tools, collectibles, games and more. We were proud to be one of MarketSquare's first game partners, and we are even prouder that they have named us July's Game of the Month.

All month long, we will be featured on the front page of Marketsquare as new beta users flood the platform and begin connecting with and leaving reviews for various blockchain projects. Check out today's Announcement Article from Marketsquare!

MarketSquare is Blockchain Agnostic - Just Like Us!

One of the most admirable things about MarketSquare is their multiple blockchain approach with a focus on connection and education. Among other things, Ark is a developers' solution to a divided blockchain world in which different blockchains often see themselves as being in competition with one another. Just like Splinterlands, Ark has noted that we are all stronger when we work together. For the same reasons that we created DYGYCON to strengthen connections and build new partnerships, they have created Marketsquare.

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More Important than Ever

In light of the recent silencing of the official Splinterlands Twitter account, we are reminded just how important these kind of solutions are. By building a strong community on MarketSquare, we can help not only Splinterlands, but other projects to fix the power imbalance that plagues mainstream social media platforms like Twitter.

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About ARK.io

ARK.io's mission is to "Make Blockchain Easier for Everyone" - By building innovative products and services with a strong focus on user experience and developer tooling, ARK lowers the barrier to entry for using blockchain technology.

About MarketSquare

MarketSquare.io is the new homepage for the decentralized web. On MarketSquare, users can discover and learn about different projects, games, and businesses from the blockchain industry. Together with an expansive set of features, projects can also take advantage of listing on MarketSquare and sharing their work across the MarketSquare community.

Would you like to Join the MarketSquare Community?

MarketSquare is looking for early users who want to participate in the community, learn about new projects and write reviews. If you fit this description and would like to join MarketSquare as a beta user, please reach out to Chris (ChrisRoberts#5514) on Discord.


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Awesome! Well deserved!

Great news 👍 And MarketSquare seems to be a good project...

Thats awesome! Good work Splinterlands :)

That is really cool! More power to Splinterlands.

A well deserved recognition. Market Square's videos have really helped me understand Hive and blockchain in general better. All of this is great to hear.

Giod news! MarketSquare chose well... Splinterlands is the best blockchain game. Also interesting is the news of the future collaboration with ARK