Splinterlands Land Presale Raffle Full Details

As the date of the Splinterlands land presale raffle drawing quickly approaches, we wanted to put out a post with all of the details and information players will need to know about the drawing, prizes, entries, and more.

First and foremost, the drawing is scheduled to occur on Tuesday, January 26th, at 12:00 PM EST / 17:00 UTC.

Much of this information can also be seen on the new Raffle tab within the shop page on the Splinterlands website.


There are a total of 52,211 individual prizes that will be awarded in the raffle drawing - with a total retail value of over $100,000 (not including the unknown value of the Totems) - and they are listed below:

PrizeQuantityEst. Value
Land Region Claim1$15,000
Land Tract Claim10$1,700
Land Plot Claim1,000$20
AZMARE Dice Pack10,000$3
Untamed Booster Pack10,000$2
Legendary Totem200??
Epic Totem1,000??
Rare Totem5,000??
Common Totem25,000??

Need more info about the Totems? Check out the following post that will give you all the information currently available about them:

Splinterlands Raffle & Totems


There are a total of 791,864 RAFFLE tokens, each of which count as one entry in the raffle drawing and each of which has a chance of winning one prize from the list above. That means that with 52,211 prizes, approximately 1 in 15 RAFFLE tokens can be expected to receive a prize on average. Please note that this is just an average, and it is likely that some individual players will receive significantly more or less prizes per RAFFLE token than the average.

691,864 RAFFLE tokens were given out to players who purchased land during the three presale phases which ended on December 31st, 2020, and the remaining 100,000 RAFFLE tokens were given out to players who contributed liquidity to the DEC-ETH Uniswap pool during that promotion.

The ONLY way to get additional RAFFLE tokens at this point is to purchase them from other players. The easist way to do that is to put in an order on the Hive Engine exchange here: https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=RAFFLE

At the time of the drawing, all RAFFLE tokens held in players' in-game Splinterlands accounts will be automatically entered and have a chance of receiving a prize.


Players who have RAFFLE tokens on Hive Engine or available via unclaimed Uniswap rewards will receive a popup notification in the game to alert them that they need to take action over the next few days until the raffle drawing occurs.

Claiming Prizes

After the drawing has occurred, players will be able to view and claim any prizes they have won on the "Raffle" tab within the Shop page of the Splinterlands website: https://splinterlands.com/?p=shop&tab=raffle

Prizes will need to be manually claimed before they will be credited to your account. Players will have 30 days after the date of the drawing to claim any prizes they have won or otherwise they will be forfeitted.

Please note that the Legendary totems to be awarded to players who were not chosen in the first land presale region lottery will be manually awarded after the raffle drawing is completed.

Drawing Details

The raffle drawing will be conducted in a provably fair and verifiable manner based on unpredictable data from the first block produced on the Hive blockchain on or after the scheduled drawing time. A page will be added to the Splinterlands website and linked to from the raffle tab on the shop page which will allow anyone to view and run the code used to perform the drawing and verify the results, similar to the one that is available to verify card pack openings.

Good Luck!

The raffle drawing is one of many ways we hope to reward our loyal players who have contributed to the land presale and helped fund the development of the largest update ever to the Splinterlands game. We want to sincerely thank everyone who has participated in the land presale and the Uniswap pool and we hope that you all win some great prizes!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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NOTE: All rewards from this post will be burned.


Wow, this is better than an Airdrop. Maybe we should call it that :)
Nevertheless, great job guys and you thought of every angles to make this a great experience and just be glad to be part of this stage of the game. While we are waiting for the game to emerge into the lands and see new things, the raffle will keep us busy!

I'm looking forward to this drawing... Impatient...😄

i cannot claim my rewards, what is your advice? i press the button and nothing happen. Is there a way to claim it manually?

Dra will happen on 26, and after that you will be able to claim it.

Solve it after reading on discord. Noob, i was logged automatically with hive instead of metamask.

Man, i really need one of those lands! 😆😆😆

How do I send RAFFLE to my Splinterlands accounts?

『At the time of the drawing, all RAFFLE tokens held in players' in-game Splinterlands accounts will be automatically entered and have a chance of receiving a prize.』

I just asked in the discord and they said you send it to @steemmonsters and it will credit the account who sent it in-game with the RAFFLE.

Thank you very much.

Should be fun, I'm looking forward to it

I have my eyes on that Region.... 🤑

I am impatiently waiting for the raffle

yup should be fun tomorrow to see us all go check what happened