Third Untamed Legendary Summoner Revealed!

It seems like only yesterday that the last Untamed Legendary Summoner was revealed, but we're coming right up to another 100k packs selling out so it's time to reveal the next one!

The Life Splinter Summoner - Chanseus the Great - is the third of six total Untamed edition Legendary Summoner cards to be added into the game via airdrop. The character was designed by ChanceTheGuy and Dreamryder007 and will be the sixth Untamed card to be airdropped to early pack purchasers!

Even though the card is being revealed now, it won’t be “unlocked” and available in the game until after the remaining ~15,000 packs are sold. Chanseus will be the 16th Legendary card to be available in Untamed edition booster packs, so the chances of receiving the card in the airdrop (as well as in booster packs going forward, without the use of potions) will be approximately 0.25% or 1 in every 400 packs on average, with an average of 1 in 50 of them (or 2%) being Gold Foil.

Additionally, in response to some player feedback, any account that has purchased at least 400 packs eligible for the airdrop will be GUARANTEED to receive at least one Chanseus the Great card.

Show Me the Stats!

Chanseus costs 7 mana, as with all of the airdropped Untamed Legendary Summoners so far, but unlike the other two he has three abilities and no stat buffs or debuffs.

In keeping with the general theme of the Life Splinter, Chanseus's abilities focus on keeping his Monsters alive and protected. He repairs friendly Monsters' armor with the Repair ability and heals back-line Monsters with the Triage ability.

Additionally, he becomes the third card in the game to have the Resurrect ability, currently unique to the Life Splinter. This means that it will now be possible to have three Resurrections on a single team!

Here are some notes about Chanseus's interactions with some other abilities and rulesets (for those of you who are into that sort of thing):

  • Unlike Mimosa's Void or Yodin's Blast, Chanseus does not grant his abilities to all friendly Monsters. Instead he uses the abilities throughout the battle just as a Monster with those abilities would. This is why his abilities do not have the green border around them and look like standard Monster abilities.
  • The Resurrect ability can trigger only once per battle (like normal) and will be used after any other friendly Monsters that also have the Resurrect ability.
  • The Repair and Triage abilities will trigger at the beginning of each round of combat, after all of the other "beginning of each round" things like fatigue or poison damage.
  • The Triage ability will be disabled in the "Healed Out" ruleset, and the description for that ruleset will be changed to: "All healing abilities are removed from Monsters and Summoners."
  • Chanseus will be able to use his abilities in the Back to Basics ruleset, since that only applies to Monsters.

Get In On the Airdrop!

At the time of writing there are less than 15,000 Untamed booster packs available for purchase that will be eligible for the Chanseus the Great airdrop. Of course, all Untamed booster packs purchased to date - either through the site or through the crowdfunding campaign - are also eligible, and after the airdrop the card will be available to be found in all packs opened going forward.

These packs will also be eligible for all 8 of the remaining new Untamed card airdrops that will happen every time another set of 100,000 packs are sold. The next 3 of those will be the additional Legendary Summoner cards from the remaining Splinters.

We also want to remind everyone that you can get a significant discount on the retail price of packs by purchasing DEC on the secondary markets! DEC currently trades on the Hive Engine, Steem Engine, and TronTrade markets.

Chanseus the Great - Lore

Somewhere in the distant sky, perhaps just out of an eagle’s sight, floats the mighty land mass known as Solaki. Solaki and its counterpart, Lunaki, have for nearly a thousand years escaped the awareness of the Splintral people, but soon the veil will be lifted. Among the most noble of the Solakari, the Sons of the Sun, is a distinctive Angel/Human hybrid known as Chanseus.

From the very beginning, Chanseus was destined for greatness. The Solakari Seven watched him carefully from the time of his delivery, for they knew that someday they would need the boy. The “delivery” of this unique child was first thought to be the crash of a comet. In fact, the deathlies, the Nobles and the Thinkers alike were certain that Solaki was doomed that day. But when the comet lost its speed and landed with controlled softness, the floating continent was spared, and all that was left in the crater was a baby with strange powers.

The child was declared to be the hybrid offspring of an Angel and a Human, although his true origin is quite unknown. He was named Chanseus and taken into the household of Boromo, Third of the Solakari Seven and Defender of the Sun Throne. Chanseus was speaking in a matter of weeks and solving complicated math problems in months. But most amazing were the boy’s innate magical powers. Even lying in the crib, Chanseus was practicing making magical projections of himself. The illusion of a second crib with a second baby would appear across the room, and there would be no way to tell which was which. Before he knew the truth of consequences, the baby would lie on his back and shoot fireballs from his mind at the ceiling of his room. He was never aware of the chaos that ensued as his father and the servants had to put the fires out before they burned down the entire house.

Boromo taught Chanseus that he was special, delivered to the Sons of the Sun in their time of greatest need, and that one day he would fulfill his sacred destiny in an unknown distant battle. He was taught that he would always be safe within the noble walls, and he was taught that the men on the outside, known as the deathlies, were never to be trusted. The magical powers of Chanseus were fostered by excellent teachers as they developed in exciting new directions. Chanseus grew in wisdom, virtue and honor, much faster than the average Solakari youth. Boromo and the rest of the Seven were anxious to see what this young man would accomplish.

“They will only take from you,” Boromo would say to Chanseus between his lessons and games. “Deathlies may shovel a good coal, they may know their way around a forge, but we shan’t mix with their kind. They don’t need our help.” But teenage Chanseus saw things differently. Each night he would climb the tallest lookout tower of House Boromo to watch the activities in the slummy streets outside the walls, where the deathlies lived (if one could call it “living”). What he saw were people. Some were of his own kind, some were different, but all had their own lives, their own value, and all deserved better.

After several years of observing the deathlies and learning their customs, Chanseus stood on the precipice of a life-changing decision. He had made several bonds of friendship among these suffering people, who all his life had been described to him as nothing more than animals. Chanseus felt unable to help them, even though he had the skill of a mage and the power of a Noble. He knew he would be severely punished if his interactions with the deathlies became known among the Seven, perhaps even imprisoned. So he continued secretly consorting with his deathlie friends.

Chanseus’s favorite among the deathlies was a young crippled fellow named Yuki. Yuki had been rescued (against his will) from a distant battlefield, on which his family had been slaughtered, and brought to Solaki. Chanseus formed a quick and strong bond with the youth, who in the face of his own daily squalor, smiled more and found more joy in life than anyone Chanseus had ever met.

One evening as Chanseus was perched high above the city watching the nightly bustle of the deathlies begin, he saw a commotion in the candlelight of the main square. It was Yuki, and he was at the end of a Trooper’s spear. It was so far away that Chanseus could not tell any more; Yuki had probably been caught stealing bread from a street stand, a habit that Chanseus had repeatedly tried to talk him out of. It didn’t matter anymore. Chanseus saw clearly the moment that the spear pierced the chest of his friend, and his heart brimmed with rage and vengeance; a new burning desire for justice found a home in his soul that day.

Without a sound, Chanseus made his moves in the night. It was decided. There was only one place he could go to make a difference, but he would have to renounce everything: His power, his privilege, and his destiny. The Splinterlands alone possessed the power to tilt the scales; perhaps their rulers could even free the deathlies. He sneaked into his father’s study, from which he needed two crucial items for the journey, but after those, Chanseus vowed never to take again. He first took Boromo’s prized magic wand, Firiadoc Jopa, from its display case. This legendary wizard’s weapon would amplify his power. He then took the enshrined suit of ceremonial armor from beside the fireplace. It was not an ordinary suit; this suit was worn by a nameless Angel Visionary in the very first battle of the War of Sons and Daughters. It was sure to prove his credibility and urgency in a strange new land.

Although he had never attempted personal teleportation before, Chanseus was confident in even his yet-unproven abilities, and with Firiadoc Jopa in his hand, he knew there was little danger. Looking around his father’s dark, wood study one last time, Chanseus said a silent but heartfelt goodbye to the life he had known. “They’ll have to find a new chosen one,” he thought to himself as he began casting the teleportation spell that would take him once and for all to the Splinterlands.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Insane. Love it. Double repair, triple resurrect, in No magic or weak magic,

Yea...gonna have to rock Shatter against Life in those matches!

"The Resurrect ability can trigger only once per battle (like normal) and will be used after any other friendly Monsters that also have the Resurrect ability."

Let's say I have the Angle of Light in my teamorder and my opponent kill her, now the summoner will resurret her - will my Angle of Light (after resurret) be able to use her resurret-ability ?

WOW just WoW! Chris hits another home run! Well done sir :)

any account that has purchased at least 400 packs eligible for the airdrop will be GUARANTEED to receive at least one Chanseus the Great card

Did I read GUARANTEED, means altleat 1?

Right. If you have 400 or more eligible packs, and you would have gotten 0, it will now give you 1 airdrop card instead.

I have to buy a few more packs now to get my guaranteed one! That looks like a fun card for sure! :)

so "at least 400" but not a guarantee for each 400? Correct?

Right. If you have 400 or more eligible packs, and you would have gotten 0, it will now give you 1 airdrop card instead.

Awesomeeee! That summoner is truly Op damn! I love it, it will make that the life Splinter became a really tough one.

Hell yeah!!!😀💪✌️

Now that's what I'm talking about. Looks like a proper knight. He would have been extra bad ass if he ressurected a friendly monster every round though 😄

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This summoner is true impersonating of Life splinter.

Well done!

Tremendous news and a great card to have and use in big battles. Love the name as well - Chanseus - which makes me think of new chances that we might even if in real life we harshly get a second chance.

Well that takes the pain out of deciding what Splinter to play for back to basics!

I take it the triage stacks, so if I played the Life triage guy, I'd get two triages, and two armour repairs if I played with the armourer.

Looks like a nice card, happy to hear about the 400 purchase guarantee!

You know if you stacked that guarantee, that would encourage me to buy more untamed packs faster!

Everyone talks about how great. Interesting, I like to know the weaknesses of these Powerful cards, maybe I could defeat it with only magic monsters ... everything has a weakness, and also convenient to use WIZARD OF EASTWOOD which would decrease the armor. If it is a matter of strategy, however he is a summoner who could be powerful well combined, but as everything has its weaknesses, apart from the fact that it needed additional mana to use it, which is a great advantage for the opponent. 😅

It would be perfect with my Truthspeaker! Maybe in another life I will own one ;) ;)

Oh nice.... airdrop check successful!!!
And.. * *Scurries off to throw on market for more blue cards * *


wow... this summoner looks great, and the skills are great.

Keep up the good work guys

It is a great card but I have to say it was the lore that really got to me. This is the best piece of Splinterlands lore I have read so far. Great job writers of Splinterlands!


Oh my... this is trouble maker card! LOL

Siento que amo esta carta, es muy hermoso ese guerrero mitad angel 😍 ... sencillamente encanta y además de poseer una fabulosa historia.

Looks great, love how it gives you guaranteed abilities as the good ability monster often die first.

THANKYOU for guaranteeing people who buy enough will get at least one, I hated getting nothing time and time again from the 'airdrops'