Mystery Potions Rewards: 31-5-2021

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Block: 54374400

Daily statistics post calculating the NET DEC value resulting from Mystery Potion Prizes. Shop prices without discounts are used to generate the following statistics. Today's NET: 73960.

Mystery Prize

Winner Prize DEC
@zedcell 1 Land Plot 20000
@splinterman 1 Land Plot 20000
@spiceboyz 1 Land Plot 20000
@seeyouinlumb 1 Land Plot 20000
@hashmask 1 Land Plot 20000
Total 5 Land Plots 100000


Type Quantity 💰DEC💰
UNTAMED 13 26000


Type Quantity 💰DEC💰
Legendary 50 2000
Alchemy 50 2500
Quest 4 3000
Mystery 2 2400

Rewards Cards


Rarity Quantity 🔥DEC🔥
Common 14 140
Rare 3 120
Epic 1 200
Legendary 0 0
Total Standard 18 460


Rarity Quantity 🔥DEC🔥
Common 0 0
Rare 0 0
Epic 0 0
Legendary 0 0
Total Gold 0 0

Total DEC Valuation

Prizes Received

Category DEC
Mystery Prizes 100000
Potions 9900
Reward Cards 460
Packs 26000
Total 136360

Approximate Cost

Mystery Potions Running DEC
52 62400

Net DEC Value

Balance DEC
Received 136360
Paid 62400
Net 73960

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Poggers - nice to see!! Proper lucked out with these mystery potions haha

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